Terms of Service and Rules

Welcome to Gaming Forums! It's great to see another gamer in the community. Gaming Forums is aimed to be a community which can be joined by any gamer, whether casual or competitive, to play and discuss games with other gamers. We are a chill bunch, we understand you come here for fun and we only want to add to that - it's what we're here for too. A lot of stuff goes but there's a few things we ask you refrain from doing to ensure others also have the same, great experience you have.

Gaming Forums Moderation

How we enforce rules is very simple. We try to enforce the rules outlined in this document and other section specific rules. We moderate with "common sense" and we treat every situation as its own. We give every situation its own chance in compliance with the rules and understand not every situation is the same plain paper as another. We aren't here to give anyone a hard time. We want to create a global community for you to be able to play with others. Just make sure that others can have the same fun as you can, and that's why we want to establish some basic ground rules.

Our Basic Rules

  1. No flaming, trolling, harassment, discrimination or personal attacks. Do not seriously attempt or appear to harass someone.
  2. No personal attacks or discrimination, including sexism, racism, etc.
  3. Show some respect. Nobody wants to be mistreat. Remember Gaming Forums has a wide community that have different lifestyles, start conversations off with something generally appropriate and don't offend anyone.
  4. No endorsement of illegal activities. All local laws apply on Gaming Forums also, of course.
  5. Do not abuse any features available and attempt to exploit them.
  6. Do not derail a thread's topic
  7. Do not post spammy content; e.g. irrelevant to a discussion, or otherwise nonsensical
  8. No piracy, warez, leaked content or copyright infringement
  9. Avoid posting any overly explicit content, strictly no pornography
  10. No backseat moderation, please allow moderators to do their job effectively
  11. Please hide all spoilers within spoiler tags or make it clear in the thread title that the thread contains spoilers

Reporting Problems

We are here to help. If you have a problem, a suggestion, or your gameplay or experience is negatively impacted throughout your time on Gaming Forums, please contact any staff member and we will all be trained to listen to your request. If you have a problem with staff members and abuse, you can contact any staff to report this - we will think of it objectively. You can also contact our dispute team (more info).

Please don't think we're going to get offended. You can talk to us. We are here for you. Any suggestion or query is a serious one to us.

Clan Specific Rules
These rules only apply to gamers within the Gaming Forums clan section.

No hacking, cheating, glitching or exploiting any bugs to gain an unfair advantage. This is the only rule we will enforce outside of Gaming Forums. If you are caught using cheats to gain an unfair advantage (modding for fun gameplay, or doing something with friends does not count, for example), you will be unable to play within the clan specific section of Gaming Forums.


  1. Gaming Forums will only enforce these rules on activity within the community. We will not be involved with activity regarding Gaming Forums members outside of the community, the forums, servers, TeamSpeak or other official communication methods.
  2. If you are within the Gaming Forums clan sector, you can still be in other clans.