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  1. Scott

    Scott Lieutenant

    Anyone here plays 'Binding of Isaac'? For those you don't know the game, it's a adventure, roguelike indie-style game made by Edmund Mcmillen, creator of Super Meat Boy. Right now Binding of Isaac is made in flash giving a ton of limitations and bugs, however this is fixed in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth which are to be released within 1-2 months.

    So far it's playable on Linux, Mac and Windows, but PS Vita and PS4 versions of Binding of Isaac Rebirth are to be released.

    If your not into this game, then watching the trailer may not catch you, try instead and look on bisnap's youtube channel

    Intro [video=youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UvCYpmsfNE[/video]

    Q&A Questions about Rebirth:

    Edmund McMillenns' twitter

    New Leaks about Rebirth:
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    29/08/2014 15:04: This has been completed!

    Quite a good time for us. We are moving to a much more powerful server, capable to handle what we throw at it. With this, server fees will indeed increase, as well as other things. We intend to make these changes on Thursday 28, possibly the day after. Server setup will take a while, but as the rules are already set on our current server we can easily transfer it over and apply them. The board will remain closed for the duration of the maintenance period.

    No data will be lost, everything will be transferred over safely and securely. I intended to set it up today but apparently installing an OS via a mobile phone is never a good idea. You can thank me later.

    Edit: Maintenance rescheduled until the 30th due to issues with our host.
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