7 Year Old Threatens to Kill Parents / Dr. Phil 10/03/2015

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Reaper, Mar 11, 2015.

  1. Reaper

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    Thoughts? Honestly, sounds like when a kid wants some candy. They're feeding the kid the candy. I'm thinking of it in a psychological way. Sounds like someone with growing anger problems to me, as insensitive as that may sound. Their parents are probably taking it rather seriously. I disagree with some comments such as:

    That's rather far, and parents shouldn't be violent or abusive, but there is a lack of discipline and the kid is getting what he wants, his parents to be scared. The fact that he goes out and tells the hospital and police this never happened and acts fine outside shows he wants his parents to seem like fools. To me, sounds like a smart kid and this situation is heavily exaggerated. I'm sure most people will disagree, but to some extent I found what the kid said funny. Somewhere around 2:36 was the best part in the hour of watching it.

    I don't have first hand experience, but that's not a psychopath. That's a stubborn, angry, amused, immature, irresponsible child. Either way, the kid needs help. He's beyond being disciplined.

    Thoughts? Quite a serious topic for a Gaming Forum. But they're really scared of a 7 year old child? They think he's gonna kill them? Really...?
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    There's so much wrong here... The attention is what the kid wants. My 2 yr old throws fits, and then I spank him. Cause daddy don't take no sh*t! But really, if his parents are scared of him then this whole thing is their fault IMO. Granted, I don't know his home life. But he's likely a spoiled brat that's gotten everything he's wanted up to this point. And never being told "no" certainly doesn't help. (If that's the case.)

    Disclaimer: I did not actually watch the video. I'm on mobile data ATM and the video is far too long for that. I'm solely going off of the OP text.
  3. Reaper

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    He's far from a spoilt brat. You should take a look at 2:26 when you get the chance. Some parts are funny, other parts just a complete and utter facepalm.

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