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Discussion in 'Battlefield' started by Reaper, May 10, 2015.

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    Battefield 4 was released in late 2013. Hardline came out early 2015. We're likely to see Battlefield 5 late 2015 or early 2016 I'd say. How would you feel about this? I mean Battlefield 4 has been a pretty buggy game, and I still can't call it as good as other titles in the game.

    Personally I'd be happy to see it soon. Hopefully it comes with a new outlook and starts going to traditional, good Battlefield times with modern graphics. it's also easier to make a working game than fix a broken game probably. Hopefully it's what the Battlefield series needs, because lately they've been going in the wrong direction imo.

    I think Visceral Games (EA) should focus on the Battlefields that are trying to rip off Call of Duty for profit (like Hardline) and DICE focus on the classic, good Battlefield games the fans that have sticked with them since day one love. I mean they're completely changing their game for money, with no thought about the people that have been playing the game since Battlefield 1942. Call of Duty already exists for what Hardline is trying to do, but there isn't a good game for what Battlefield has been.
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    Yep. A lot of people have been saying this. Myself included.

    Hardline was meant to be a cops vs robbers game but it wasn't delivered as that. Its a CoD genre game, and made for the lazy masses. Nobody cares to grind for stuff anymore. Without any earned progression, its hard to be on the same level as a n00b with everything unlocked because his/her parents have bottomless wallets. Its discouraging to players who want to genuinely EARN their stuff instead of just buying it.

    As far as a fifth title goes, I'm hoping for a more Battlefield-like game. But with the remake of Star Wars: Battlefront coming in December, I can't say I'll buy it anyway. I've honestly lost respect for Battlefield lately.
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