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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Darth_Marques, Oct 27, 2015.

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    It's been a while since I've made a significant post here, and I'm largely a Destiny player so a lot of my time has been taken up by playing after work, or on the weekends. Recently, I had an idea come into my mind related to Destiny, and as such went about getting the framework laid for the project. It's been a couple weeks since that point, and I think I'm ready to actually open the project up for everyone.

    Destiny Dev Updates

    I'm still working on several parts of the site, but I have a lot of it functional now. As such, here's a summary.

    This is a general Destiny site, but its key point is having any developer updates posted. Whether it's from Reddit, Twitter, forums, Facebook... Where ever a developer makes an announcement, I hope to have it all centered in one place. And on top of that, provide additional tools to add further convenience to the site. For now, I'm the sole poster and haven't much time to comb the posts the Devs make. This is where the community comes in, and submits various sources, posts, and info to further combine everything together.

    What all do I have right now?
    A news page with content I promote their. Typically, game updates or general updates about certain items, weapons, or events. I've also got a few tools that I've found incredibly useful.

    What tools?
    Open-source tools mainly. And some, like my infusion tools, are still very much standalone tools. I've also got a Time Wasted tool that hasn't been released yet but I'll get that going soon.

    Tell me more!
    The infusion tool is basically a calculator, that gives you an idea of what gear can be infused up to with other gear. It also provides a Loadout Light Level Adjuster, that shows your currently equipped loadout and allows you to adjust the Light Levels of your gear to see how much you need to get that next level.

    I've got a forum set up, for discussing the related Destiny things. Includes a few useful features, like database tooltips that pop up when hovered/tapped on. The tooltip displays easily enough, and it makes seeing weapons/armor/ghosts easier.

    The forum includes a matchmaking service, but I'm hoping to get a better system integrated before long. The current one is easy enough, but I don't think it's a feature I've fully explored yet. It's on the back burner until I get more time to play with new ideas and learn PHP (and Xenforo...)

    A few notes:
    The infusion tools are NOT currently integrated with our forums. I'm hoping to tackle this soon, but who knows when it'll actually happen. At that point, it'll be a custom job and will no longer be open-source.(This is a side project, on top of work, family, and Destiny!)

    The tools are free to use, whether you register or not.

    The matchmaking search will change, but it will require membership at all times. Once I get a proper system lined out and installed, it'll be open for all members.

    What's in the future?
    Who knows, I'm funding this myself. If I can learn enough PHP and get more comfortable with Xenforo, I'll eventually come up with entirely new things to serve up to the community. I'm also looking for any help, be it updates or bug squashing, so hit me up with whatever experience you might have. I can't pay you yet, but if this takes off I might be able to scrounge something up.

    Any questions, reply here or on my site.
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    I think it's pretty cool. I wish we just had more Destiny members for you to get out to.
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    I'll be posting on Destiny subreddit in the near future. Probably next weekend. Thing is, Reddit is known for rushing sites all at once and crashing them so I'm a bit hesitant haha. I'll just bite the bullet and go with it though. Gotta get the name out there.
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    I never thought about Reddit advertisement.
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    That's how a lot of Destiny sites got their start. I can thing of at least 5 right offhand, more if I dug through my saved posts.
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    An update, with the installation of a new addon, matchmaking is a tad bit more efficient. It's closer to what you'd find on but still lacks some functions I'd like to have. I'm working on those, but it may be a while.

    I'll be opening up the matchmaking soon(ish) to anyone that is interested. If you'd like to troubleshoot, bug squash, or just take a peek, go for it. I believe I set the permissions correctly that you can view Groups as a guest.

    Also, I procured a new domain, available now at DestinyToolkit (DTK). This reflects the direction I'm taking the site, from strictly Dev Updates to general Destiny uses and tools. Both domains direct to the same site, but I may branch out and direct updates to a standalone website or offshoot of DTK.

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