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    Any chance of blogs happening? I have plenty of tutorials I can share. (Gaming, computers, etc.) As well as deals and such. Don't see a suitable place to actually put these tidbits of info in the forums... Just curious on the thoughts you have on all this.
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    I did introduce a wiki but wanted to sharpen up other aspects before focusing on it, so it's currently disabled. I guess stuff like this would become articles in the wiki. I have a feeling personal blogs, however, wouldn't get used appropriately and become rather redundant. There are profile posts, and with the introduction of the wiki (as well as the existing forums) there should be places for all sorts of content. Used correctly, a blog is powerful, but I don't think it'd be the most appropriate thing to have here. I'll definitely keep it in mind. XenForo doesn't really have any great blog add-ons either, so that'd take some custom development out of my time (and probably others wherever I get stuck :p)
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    Forgot about the wiki addon... That'd actually work better. OK, good to know at least. I really don't see a need for a blog on a forum myself. Its redundant, like a having a chat box. Really, any form of CMS would work though. The wiki is nice to have too.
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