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  1. BoxHead1080

    BoxHead1080 Lieutenant

    Hi, my name is BoxHead1080.
    I've been playing games for about 5 years and I've played almost every game you can find for PC.

    My 2 favorite games are Minecraft and Combat Arms.
    I make youtube videos sometimes too, my channel is
  2. Vegas

    Vegas Lieutenant

    Not a bad selection of favorites. You a pretty heavy MMO player?
  3. Doxicity

    Doxicity Lieutenant

    Nice to meet you, welcome to the forums.
    Minecraft is a great game, it seems like it has aspects that all types of people can enjoy.
    I've played Combat Arms before. My favorite game type was the infection one.
  4. D4rkrelix

    D4rkrelix Lieutenant

    Hey! I LOVE Minecraft and I love making videos on YouTube. I have a new channel, my gaming name is D4rkrelix (Pronounced darkrelix, the 4 is an A) If you guys agree with me, because I'm not going to without you guys saying I should, maybe I could post some of my videos on here?
  5. D4rkrelix

    D4rkrelix Lieutenant

    Hey Boxhead1080? I checked out your channel and I realized that me and you could play and grow together. I mean, I post some videos on my channel, you post some vidoes on your channel, and BOOM! We've doubled our subs number. So If you want to, go to this link (This is my channel) And go to the discussion. Say something about this and then we can play! Thanks man, -D4rkrelix (Link) =

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