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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by psychgamer6444, Dec 30, 2015.

  1. psychgamer6444

    psychgamer6444 Lieutenant

    Guys i have some Serious topic . . is it alright to discus here ?
  2. Darth_Marques

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    Moved to the right area. Forum Games section is for various games like Last to Post wins, or Lets make a story threads.

    What's your serious topic?
  3. Know Your Role

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    Game recommendations for you? :oops:
  4. psychgamer6444

    psychgamer6444 Lieutenant

    Nope bro .. the thing is DLC's are really pissing me off . .and Black ops 3 DLC . . look at its price man !! its at the price of the game !!! . . and i see a lot of videos on Youtube that are against DLC and give us some ideas on how to go against them . .i mean .. would they work ? can gamers get together and do something about it ! ??
  5. Nova

    Nova Colonel

    Nope. And the reason is because people buy it.
    Enough people are willing to pay for it, so companies will keep making it. It doesn't matter how many people don't buy it because the amount of people who do buy it make up for it.
    Here's a somewhat related video explaining this:
  6. Darth_Marques

    Darth_Marques Administrator Staff Member Administrator Premium

    DLC isn't going away. Protest it all you want, but today's gamers want their purchases to be playable for hours upon hours. This involves new maps, weapons, armor, etc. And for a dev to make all this, they need more money.

    I'd rather keep paying for DLC, than start paying a monthly subscription for a CoD game that'll only be around for a year. As far as pricing goes, people pay what they think it's worth. I paid $60 for TTK expansion of Destiny, and it was worth it. I've paid somewhere around $180 for everything in Destiny thus far and played 600+ hours (plus another ~90 or so on x360).

    $180 for a game that's getting an update "Destiny 2" in September. Is it a lot? Yeah, actually lol. But, considering I paid $0.30 an hour for the game... I'll take it. No other game I've played has broken down to that cheap an hour.
  7. psychgamer6444

    psychgamer6444 Lieutenant

    see the thing is you are actually converting your money into time to check out how much of worth you have consumed. That must not be the consumer case. If anything you should buy a game and play it for a while and then go to a new one if you feel like ( WITH NO GUILT ) which is not possible now .. cause of the money you have spent on it . I mean paying 60$ is agreed cause of the hard work that goes into making it, but for those additional little extras !! i mean look at COD BO3.. The DLC is 55$ -_- why did i even buy the game then . cause people now are going to buy DLC and stick on to that so am not going to find crowd on the normal map !! This puts me in a tough position / Choice !! irrespective of my capacity to buy DLC i dont want to buy it cause i feel i am bring robbed blind and it hurts my loyalty :( If possible i want to form a small group of gamers to help multiply this impact . . and i believe that it can happen if we all get together. . .I mean . . come on this is the place where we all get together for our similar taste i.e. GAMING . . so we as a community can try to make a change . .even if i can spend 60$ i dont want to . .if u release a DLC for 5-10$ may be i'd do it . . cause its not fair of the developers to make me do it !!

    I Hope you guys give it some thought ...
  8. Darth_Marques

    Darth_Marques Administrator Staff Member Administrator Premium

    To me, there's no other way to quantify if you're getting your moneys worth. I don't know of any other way that this could be done. If you like the game, and play it a lot, your time played= great value. If you didn't like it, and played 5-20 hours for a $60 game, your time played= poor value. And if its a poor value for you, you'll move on with no thought of it afterwards.

    This is exactly what I'm doing, without math though. I've bought a few games I didn't like and thusly haven't played them. If you liked the game, played it to your happiness, and now there's a new game to play. I don't understand why people have guilt for moving on to a newer game.

    So don't buy it. Your loyalty should not equal your value of the game. If you feel like you're being robbed, despite whatever the DLC adds or fixes, then don't buy it. Like you said, drop the game and play something else. If you truly feel that the price is exorbitant, you won't feel guilty about not buying the DLC. You'll just have the cash to support a new game or new DLC for a game you played previously.

    A small group of gamers not buying DLC isn't going to change anything though. The entire game industry relies on DLC at this point to help pay for the next release. The reason they put a price tag on it? Because their time spent developing = money spent on development. If they can't get people to keep coming back for more, there won't be any more new releases. And why is DLC even around in the first place? Because as the times go on, the elites (think tryhards, no-lifers, etc) want new stuff to do. To help justify themselves continuing to play a game they've beaten. So they'll pay to keep playing if they just get new stuff to play with. Now it's that the gaming world expects DLC with each new game. It's expected that it'll cost more money to be able to play new stuff.

    I'm not familiar with how Blops 3 works, or what kind of content you get for dropping $55 on the new DLC. However, I don't remember blops2 ever requiring a DLC purchase to play the base game. It'd alienate a lot of the gamers out there that can't afford it, or choose to buy new games vs DLC for one game.

    I don't want you to think that I'm being irrational or just arguing for the sake of argument. I'm a really chill guy honestly. But DLC will be around for a while, possibly forever. My opinion on this matter is like I originally said. If my time played is 10 times more than I paid for it, its a good value. If the game kept me entertained, regardless of purchasing DLC packs or not, its a good game. I don't know how you value your game if you don't figure out your per day cost though. Although I'm a numbers person, so gauging happiness without numbers is hard for me lol.
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  9. psychgamer6444

    psychgamer6444 Lieutenant

    i agree to what you are saying about purchasing it , but if i dont buy it and others do . .then again am in a tough position right ? thats like forcing me to buy it !! and besides like you state , Black ops 2 NO DLC !! look at it now !! did it need DLC to develop ? nope !!! the thing is we are making a mistake and its really sad that gaming is becoming a luxury than a product for a common person. Am not saying that games must be cheap ..The price is well set . .there's a lot of work that goes into it .. but without the DLC can the game not make me love it ?? i already love the game without the DLC and i have put 60$ and am happy . . .and now if the next one / sequel comes out im happy to pay 60$ again !! cause am loyal and i like the way they sell it . . . i remember getting incentives by playing good or completing the game. . not by spending on it :( if i spend 10$ extra for DLC or Addons on a game it makes me better that some1 who has spent no money but has tons of experience and knowledge about it . I never deserve to win that competition :( but sadly its today's sitution !
  10. lukerichards

    lukerichards Lieutenant

    This is an interesting way to look at it. Tho I cannot agree more with Darth_Marques and Nova that you can't do much about it. The gaming world is full of massive number of choices. Each game dev team wants to milk the market for what they've built. The DLC is easier to build on and keep the users hooked than get new users for a new music, new characters, new code...DLC's is like sequels...people will camp out to get the sequels. It is the hype! Sorry you can't do much about it...of course if you do start a revolution and get them to change, I am all for it :D ...but it will have to be done in the real world...
  11. psychgamer6444

    psychgamer6444 Lieutenant

    i believe that a strong contact can be built here which can help us
  12. Darth_Marques

    Darth_Marques Administrator Staff Member Administrator Premium

    While this is pretty much true, there are notable exceptions. Some games get free DLC without a dime being taken. Other ways to pay are used, like micro-transactions for in-game stuff, but it feels less "evil corporation" type when you purchase DLC. (And probably why micro-transactions are considered the ruin of all games that use them to drive sales.)

    I just don't look at it like milking the industry though. It's paying for continued service of the game you've already paid for, plus some additional content.

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