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    So last night, I carried a couple of under leveled Guardians through Prison of Elders 32. I was on my 34 Hunter, and just wanted the Armor core for my then 32 warlock (now 33.) These guys had never run the 32 before, and had never been carried.

    In short, carrying is just having a big backpack on your shoulders. It's certainly possible to carry 2 level 30s through a 32 PoE event, as I've done it before with my friends. It was less carrying and more tanking than anything though, as they are pretty experienced.

    However, these 2 guys were just befuddled with how much I was actually doing while they did their best to not die. And afterwards, they both added me for future sherpa/carry runs through various activities.

    The key here is to know how to improvise. For example, I knew I was running with two unknowns, and should run with a highly versatile class. So I chose Hunter, and ran BladeDancer for invisibility and agility. This saved the group from wiping several times. Anyhow...

    First off, this will cover a LOT of my Solo guide. And that covers a good bit. The only thing I need to add is...

    You have two teammates in PoE. The guys I ran through were 31 and 32, and not very experienced. Thus the need for a carry. And carry I did. Their playstyle was laid back, and they mostly sat back and cleaned up while I tackled the big stuff. And this was a key strategy in my mind, being that they were somewhat lower level than ideal.

    Explanation: ideal level for events are +1 level of the event. So for 32 PoE, 33 is ideal for all 3 players.

    Depending on weapons being used, you should construct your strategy. If they are using shotguns and handcannons, then get out your sniper rifle. They've got the close quarters stuff, you take on the long distance. I also suggest a pulse/scout rifle for medium to medium-long range. (I used a handcannon though, because I don't like my own advice. Jk, I just love my Revelator HC.)

    Then, see what subclass they are using. This isn't all that important, at least not at low level events. You need a class that can...

    A. Take and give a lot of damage.
    B. Move around the map quickly, quietly, or unseen.
    C. Be used in unexpected ways.

    I chose my Hunter, to compliment the Defender and Sunsinger in my fireteam. I went purely offensive, for one thing only. The ability to Arc blade across a map or the ability to go invisible and revive/do objectives. My weapons were of no consequence, as I was up close and personal for much of the battles. (I should note that I changed my CQC style to longer ranged weapons when the fight required it. I.E. the Urrox fight.)

    Now for the fun. Ask them, always ask them and don't "command it" as I've seen people do, to sit back and stay alive. Explain what you'll be doing and when, and explain what they need to do should you die. A lot of this depends on the objective, like the bomb dismantles or VIP targets, and you need to know a few things.

    First waves are always destroy all enemies. No objective to deal with. The second wave is either a VIP target or Bomb objective. The third wave will be the same as the first. Additionally, know your Bomb spawn points. This is really key, because should the farthest Bomb spawn from your chosen location, you may not have time to get to it and disarm it. (I usually split from them and handle the far Bomb solo, as 9/10 times it spawns first.) Invisibility was key here, as I crossed the map unscathed and took care of the objective. At this point, both my teammates had died, so I was solo on the other two objectives (this happened twice the same round lol.)

    During an objective round, your sole concern is the objective. Should your team die while you are objective-ing, leave them. You have 30 seconds per Bomb to disarm. They have a 30 second revive timer. You see the problem. And also, why I chose the Hunter over defender or sunsinger. (Again, this is crucial for carrying.) Revive them when you can. If they have x amount of enemies on them, run a circle. The adds will follow you, and clear up around your mates. Then circle back, revive, and finish.

    The second most crucial thing is that you treat every wave and encounter as a learning experience. See what they do, how they react to a certain situation, and use it to your advantage. They may not know exactly what to do the first time, and be too afraid of getting kicked for lack of knowledge. Forget about it, and do it again but better. Also, keep an eye on debuffs, modifiers, and timed events, making sure to call out when one is coming, about to end (I.E. 10 seconds on Burn) or ended. Objective and debuff timers are largely unnoticed by "scrubs" because they aren't used to so much happening at a time. Staying alive, dodging enemies, doing objectives, and keeping an eye on debuffs timers? No, for them its more like STAY ALIVE AND SHOOT SHIT. Remember that as the backpack holder, its your job to stay alive, keep your head straight, and keep them focused on their part, while keeping them alive.

    The best part of the night was that these guys genuinely appreciated it. I told them if they needed help, I'd help them. I wasn't rude, short, or even put out by the few wipes we had. Rather, I simply said "we got it this time." The wipes were from me going full-on scrub a few times, and dying when I needed to stay alive. Usually happens on objective rounds, where I'm trying to get to point A/B/C while staying alive and keeping them alive.

    I need to elaborate a bit more on the above but my lunch time is over lol. I'll spruce it up a little when I get home.

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