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  1. Lunette Risch

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    Hello there fellow human being o.o
    My name is Lily, and I am changing my name to Lunette here soon.
    I like cats, food, Zelda, Pokemon, Skyrim, YouTube, and helping people with random stuff.
    So if you guys need help with pretty much anything feel free to come to me. ^-^
    I also really like Animal Crossing, and have somewhat recently acquired new Leaf, so if anyone would like to exchange friend codes that would be great xD My favorite console would probably have to be the GameCube, I am a Nintendo girl through and though haha. My favorite colour is either sapphire blue or lavender. I also really really like "pointless" conversations where we just say random stuff, and conversations that are really deep and we tell each other our darkest secrets and things. I also really like Truth or Dare, but both my best friend and my boyfriend have started calling it 'Truth or Pointless Second Option' XD They're pretty much the only two people I really talk to, as I have social issues like almost every other teenager haha. I am bisexual, nonreligious, extremely open-minded, and I honestly will not judge you until you...I dunno. I just won't xD Anywho I'm rambling at this point lol.
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  2. Darth_Marques

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    Had to remove the coloring lol. Too much pink! I use the dark Tapatalk theme, and the color was hard to read. I suffered through it though.

    Good post, and welcome aboard! I'm almost always on, or within replying distance so I'm up for a chat whenever! Any help you may need, be sure to let me know. I'll see if I can't fast track your to the correct answer or guidance. (Don't do drugs, mmmk? Jk, South park reference.) See, already started. Get to posting some Nintendo stuff, I've been looking for a reason to buy a 3DS lately, maybe you can push me over the edge lol.
  3. Know Your Role

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    Welcome to the forum fellow human being.
  4. Lunette Risch

    Lunette Risch Lieutenant

    Haha thanks for the welcomes both of you! Sorry about the color xD I'll change that when I get on my computer haha. And @Darth_Marques, *pushes over the edge* Muahahaha lol
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  5. Trent

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    Sweet, nice to have a Herald of Nintendo with us. A Wii was my only console for the longest time, and even though Nintendo puts out some really great games, the lack of third party support was I nightmare. It's only been about two years since I've had a 360 and a One. It's been hard to convince myself that buying a Wii U would be smart, seeing as how there are only like three games I'd care to buy on there, and the fact that it's possible that the new Zelda could end up releasing on the next Nintendo console as well as the U (kinda like what they did with TP, I guess). However, I would like to get a 3DS eventually. I was able to borrow one from my friend so I could play A Link Betwoon Worlds and I loved it!
  6. Lunette Risch

    Lunette Risch Lieutenant

    You should definitely get a WiiU, even if right now there are only three games you want for it, there might be more soon, and maybe you can find some other games you didn't think you'd like and play those and actually end up loving them! That's part of the reason I got a 360, I knew there were a couple I'd like to try, like Minecraft and Rock Band, but I ended up falling in love with some games my boyfriend showed me! But I am still a Nintendo girl at heart xD Nothing beats an old Gameboy Color or a GameCube haha :p
  7. Reaper

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    >fellow human being
    Are you sure you're human? Are you sure I'm human? Are you sure any of us are human? You never know. Plus I'm the Reaper, I'd watch out, life and death is kinda in my hands ;) You wouldn't want to end up like this, right?

    Good you like truth or dare. I've planned to make a truth or dare thread for a while. I saw would you rather somewhere and was sure that'd get out of control pretty fast (not like I have any problem with that but yeah lol) so I just came up with the idea of truth or dare, not sure how it'd work in a forum though. But yeah...

    Great to have you here! I'm sure you'll love it here, some great conversations to take part in and some great (funny) people to talk to.

    Just going to leave you with this...

  8. Darth_Marques

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    <Insert Supernatural reference here>
  9. Lunette Risch

    Lunette Risch Lieutenant

    I'm sorry for the late reply, I'm moving right now haha. I will be on more after this week lol. And I'm not human, I mean I'm obviously a bird. Duh. XD Also. Truth or dare needs to be a thing here XD Haha

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