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    So, I've had Premium going unused for the most part. And I'm going to give it away!

    Start date: June 22, 2015
    End Date: July 30, 2015

    If you don't fit the rules at the time of entry, enter anyway. You have over a month to qualify, and averages to just over 3 posts a day.

    The rules:
    You must have read THIS THREAD and posted an introduction thread.

    You must have at least 100 posts. Replies to this thread don't count, so I'll be checking.

    The posts need to have quality responses, so no "lol" posts. If it doesn't pertain to the thread, I.E. off topic, that will not count.

    You need to be active the duration of the contest. Don't get to 100 posts with 3 weeks left, and quit posting. You will be disqualified. (Max number of days inactive at end of contest should be no more than a week, or 7 days.)

    You need to have been a member BEFORE July 25th.

    Flaming other members or acting against the Forum Rules at ANY point, including posts before the start of this contest, will disqualify you. (Tattle-tales will also be disqualified. This contest is for encouraging friendships, not inciting flame wars or other grudges.)

    To enter, you MUST reply to this thread. State that you wish to enter.

    You should only have ONE reply to this thread, unless you have a question or are answering a question.

    How I will choose the winner:
    I will keep a running list, updated once a day, with the entries. The number beside your name indicates your entry number.

    1. @Darth_Marques
    I'm the first entry, so I'll be number one. And so on. You're name will have "@" in front of it, so I can easily check all the entries in the end, and also notifies you of your enrollment.

    The final number will be determined July 30th, the winner announced the next day. The winning number will be chosen by a random number generator.

    These rules and contest methods may change without notice, though I'm hoping to update if they do change. Mostly depends on number of entries.
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    Reserved for contestants
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    What is Premium exactly?
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    My answer previously:

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