Crazy day - Battlefield 1 Gameplay Reveal - ESL Cologne Qualifiers

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    Today (the 12th) has been a crazy day.

    Battlefield 1 Gameplay/Multiplayer Reveal
    We saw some intense Battlefield 1 gameplay at EA play. You should be able to see the recap here:

    Battlefield 1 looks great. Some great gameplay going on, good maps with lots of strategic play possible, we saw lots of CQ action as well with plenty of buildings to use as cover and manuver around. The graphics are **AMAZING**. They've redesigned a lot of it, the spotting system, minimap, the players, the info given when you spot people and new UI changes.

    Battlefield 1 also, of course, is based around WW1 with new weapons, artillery and vehicles. I think there was also some zeppelin stuff but I was switching between the BF1 stream and the ESL stream so I missed how that works, if you just spawn through it or if you can take control of it as well. I saw it blow up, so I'm guessing you can take control of it and use it very advantageously. Feel free to explain that one to me, I completely missed it.

    Battlefield 1 seems like a great game and is getting my PC pre-order, before I even have a PC.

    ESL Cologne Qualifiers
    We saw the ESL Cologne qualifiers finish today ending with a great, intense game between Cloud 9 and G2. 16 teams qualify to the majors just under a month from now. Reruns are running on twitch for probably a few days:

    Insane ace by shox:

    An exciting day for gaming.

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