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    So the other night, my buddy texted me about data usage on his Xbox One. Asked me if my idle hours were ridiculously high, his were around 60 MB/hr while he was at work.

    Another of our friends had idle totals that ran in the KB range an hour, and my brother's totals also run in the KB range when idle.

    So naturally, we looked up Bandwidth Usage under Settings>Network>Bandwidth Usage and totals were ridiculous.

    In two cases, the second friend and my brother, they were using Ethernet lines to retain connectivity. Can't exactly confirm that this is the reason for their low idle usage data, but its the only difference between the four consoles.

    In my case and the first friend's case, we are on WiFi connections. My idle usage ranged from 300kb to 60mb per idle hour. The interesting thing to me, however, was my exact totals. In the 8 months I've had the Xbox One, my monthly usage total has never been UNDER 200 gigs. I even hit 600 gigs in March/April months, which is ridiculous. Keep in mind, I stream Hulu from about 6:30 AM to sometimes 10 or 11 pm. Averaged out, Hulu uses approximately 1.31 gigs of data an hour. These values may vary from actual totals of course, but these estimates are likely close. (This isn't even accounting for the Apple TV usage, which gets 3-5 hours of use a day as well. Much data, such gigs.)

    Lastly, my pic showing all the months usage.

    And my Yoda tax... Boring post, but interesting to see complete data use for cable cutters like myself.

    Anyone have thoughts or stats to share as well?
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    Didn't know this was a thing. Well sh*t.
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    Wait, are my pictures showing up? Posted this on Tapatalk, pictures showed when I originally posted it.

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