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    Here's the previous post, removed all spoiler tags as they messed up the format a little bit. It's a big spoiler, so be prepared. New content is below, not in a spoiler.
    So by now I assume most everyone has reached level 20. If you haven't, then you need to. Anyhow, for those stuck at low levels, 21-26 (Vanilla game) or 21-28 (The Dark Below), this is for you.

    A legend for colors of drops if you don't know them:

    White: Common quality item (not good)
    Green: Uncommon quality item (not much better)
    Blue: Rare quality item (this is the best stuff you can get below level 20)
    Purple: Legendary quality item (this is the stuff you want in bulk)
    Yellow: Exotic quality (you can only equip one exotic weapon at a time, armor too)

    New Monarchy
    Dead Orbit
    Future War Cult
    Crota's Bane
    Queen's Wrath

    For starters, you should focus on rep. Do your bounties, do your dailies, and don't ignore the Cryptarch. More on the Crypt guy later. For now let's focus on rep.

    Your default rep goes to Vanguard and Crucible. You can change out early, but I recommend not doing that. Might as well grind it out and change later. So, if you don't know, Vanguard bounties are extra rewards, basically. You get XP, 50-100 depending on the bounty. And you get exp, 2500 to 5000 depending. This is your secondary rep gaining opportunity. You need to do these as often as possible, as you only get one set of 6 a day.

    The primary rep gain is through The Nightfall and Weekly strikes. The Nightfall gives you around 500 points in rep each week, and you get an extra 25% bonus for the week on any rep gained elsewhere. The Nightfall is hard, and if the fire team wipes then you have to start over from the beginning. Also, better loot drops from the Nightfall. Exotics and Legendaries are easier to come by.

    After doing your Nightfall, you need to do the Weekly Heroic Strike. It isn't nearly as hard as the Nightfall, but rewards up to 9 Strange Coins at the highest difficulty. It also awards you another chunk of rep, but I can't recall how much exactly. Done after the Nightfall, you should get almost 1000 rep from both strikes. Easy right?

    Take into account the daily bounties, and you can level up rep easily each week. And remember, a level up means a new package waiting for you at the Postmaster. Usually with some good stuff, including more rep! Each level at and above 3 with a faction will award you a commendation, though this is being removed May 19th when House of Wolves drops. So for now, just let those commendations sit there. (Unless you need a better weapon, or two these won't be relevant after the 19th of May.) They'll be cashed in later for more rep if you choose not to use them.

    More Info on Dailies:

    Dailies reward you with Ascendant mats at level 28 and 30. You also earn an engram (blue) and some planet materials. So if you went to Venus, did the level 30 chapter, and finished it you would earn:
    2 Ascendant mats (level 30 rewards 2 ascendant mats, while 26 yields none and 28 yields 1.)
    +15 Spirit Bloom
    Engram (chance for purple but usually a blue)

    If you aren't already, stockpile these things. You'll need them later as Bungie is making old Vault of Glass (raid) gear relevant again.

    The Cryptarch:

    I've seen a lot of people recommending to just ignore the Cryptarch. I can't agree with that. I say go to him when you have the engrams to cash in, not just when you want to cash in a legendary/exotic engram. He's a vital part of the game, crucial to obtaining extra Motes of light, Strange Coins, and extra XP by leveling him up. Does he actually give you good stuff? No, not really. But by turning in all of your blue armor/weapon engrams, and then dismantling them... You then have surplus weapon parts and armor materials.

    On two of my three characters, I have almost a thousand armor materials from this. And around 500 weapon parts. My third, a warlock, has almost none because I don't go to the Cryptarch with him. To me, the Crypt is a very important part of armor and weapon progression. You aren't meant to get the best stuff with him, just stuff you can dismantle for stuff you can't get anywhere else. Remember, blue quality items reward more materials than green. But if you have the perks of the blue gear unlocked, not actually upgraded, then you'll receive more materials. So use those bounties to level up that terrible gear, then dismantle it for extra glimmer and weapon/armor materials.


    Congratulations! You've been doing your weekly strikes and stockpiling those Strange Coins! Well, I have great news for you! On the weekends, if you don't know, Xur pops up in the tower with some interesting exotic gear. He sells weapons such as The Last Word, Hard Light, Suros Regime, Ice Breaker, and more for 17 Strange Coins. He also sells the important exotic shards, that are crucial to finish leveling up an exotic weapon or armor. In the event you don't need armor, or a shiny new exotic, you can also purchase gun telemetry, heavy ammo synths, or boosters for your sparrows that turn the flame a different color. If you want to buy nothing, I suggest stocking up on heavy synths. Buy as many as you can or just buy a few, whatever it takes.

    I typically buy anywhere from 50 to 100 a week, and since they're sold in stacks of 5 (100/5=20 coins or 50/5=10 coins.) So for relatively cheap, and yes you don't waste glimmer on expensive heavy synths, you can have all the synth you need for the next week. And trust me, this stuff is a lifesaver.

    Upgrade Materials

    If you haven't noticed yet, upgrade materials (or "mats" for short) are available to be found on all the worlds. These are fairly simple to use, as each weapon or armor piece will only use one of the mats. Relic iron (Mars), Spirit Bloom (Venus), Helium Filaments (Moon), and Spinmetal (Earth).

    You also have two other types of materials for Legendary items: Ascendant mats and Radiant mats.
    Ascendant mats are easier to come by, even without doing a raid. You can earn Ascendant mats by doing Public Events, Daily Story missions, dismantling useless/old Legendary gear, and finding them in Engrams. The best was to earn them is through Dailies, which basically ramps up the difficulty to the highest level (currently level 30) with no burns or other "skulls" on. It's essentially the Weekly Heroic Strike, but for story missions you've already done. And once completed, you'll earn a maximum of 2 ascendant mats. This is the best GUARANTEED method to earning Ascendant mats, so if you need them to get to a higher level, then you'll need to do these daily.

    Radiant mats
    These are harder to come by. You pretty much HAVE to do Crota's End (Raid) to gather these, and even then it's a 50% chance to actually obtain any. They typically won't drop in bulk, so it's limited to 2-4 of them dropping at any checkpoint during the raid. These drop from chests, but I have yet to have one actually drop from it. You can also dismantle gear that drops in Crota's End (duplicates mostly) for more Radiant mats. You can buy them from Eris Morn at the Tower, but you need your rep with that faction (Crota's Bane) to be at least level 3.

    Effective May 19th: You will be able to purchase these materials from The Speaker at the Tower. You trade one radiant energy and 50 glimmer for one radiant shard.

    Ascendant and Radiant Mats
    One thing I realize I left out, was that Ascendant and Radiant mats aren't just one particular item. I stated above that it was a 50% drop chance, and didn't explain. So let me explain.
    -Ascendant mats:
    --Broken down into Ascendant Shards and Ascendant Energy
    --Ascendant Shards upgrade Legendary Quality armor only!
    --Ascendant Energy upgrades Legendary Weapons only!
    --Dismantling Legendary armor/weapon that upgrades with Ascendant mats will drop ascendant mats.

    -Radiant Mats
    --Broken down into Radiant Shards and Radiant Energy
    --Radiant Shards upgrade Legendary Armor only!
    --Radiant Energy upgrades Legendary Weapons only!
    --Dismantling is the same as Ascendant mats above.

    So, when you have a chance of Ascendant/Radiant mats dropping (and only one kind drops, usually) you will get one or the other, but not both. The Vault of Glass raid is notorious because whatever you get that first drop, you'll get the rest of the raid as well (usually.)

    House of Wolves Content

    So I should have made this edit previously, but I was too busy playing lol. Anyhow, here's the new stuff.

    Leveling from 32 to 34 is super simple now. First off, buy whatever you need from the Vanguard/Crucible/Faction vendor. The new stuff starts at 36 light, so you'll be level 32 with full gear. That said, they removed the Upgrade Damage/Armor upgrades as ascending requires Etheric Light. More on that later. Ascending raises the light to 42, and with 4 pieces of 42 light gear you reach level 34.

    Exotics are different and don't require Etheric Light. They require exotic shards to Ascend. On your main, I suggest immediately ascending whatever exotic you have equipped. You've got a head start to 33 just be doing this. Next, see what Variks, the new gear vendor in the Reef, has. If he is selling gauntlets, then don't buy gauntlets. Same for boots. (Also, if your exotic isn't a helmet don't buy a piece for that yet.)

    So, you've bought the gear you need. You should have an exotic with 42 light, and 2 legendary armor pieces with 36. Run the story missions! These are required to complete before you step foot in PoE. They aren't hard, and can be completed for a 32 with ease. There are only a handful, so they'll be done quick.

    After doing the story missions, start up the new Strike. Its relatively quick, and it's pretty easy. So no worries here. Turn in all your quest stuff for a reward. (Its a sidearm, a new class of weapon!) Now, you can run the Nightfall if you have at least 1 other 32 friend online, or go straight to PoE. To start, you have to complete the lvl 28 PoE first. No real rewards unless you unlock the BIG chest with a Treasure Key. Moving on.

    After completing the 28 PoE (it took me 20 minutes with 2 buddies) jump into the 32. Finish the 32 (me and buddy duo'd it because we weren't doing anything) to receive your armor core. This is important!!! You need the armor core to redeem with Variks for a piece of 42 light armor! This is the piece that'll get you to 33! All said, you should be level 33 within 2 hours or so of starting up HoW. Easy!

    Now, you can tackle the 34 PoE. This one is important! It'll drop the first Etheric Light for you! This is used for ascending Year 1 legendary gear, or weapons. Thing with Etheric light is, you are maxed at one a week. So upgrade wisely! (More on this farther down.)

    At this point, you're looking at 4 hours or so of play time. Depending on how good you are, etc, it may go quicker.

    Now for some extras!
    Etheric Light
    • You are capped at one a week PER CHARACTER. If you just want to get a 34 character right away, transfer an Etheric Light from another character. You can earn as many as possible per character. At the time of writing, PoE was only guaranteed drop.
    • Iron Banner rank 3 and 5 open up the option to purchase Etheric Light, one per level.
    • Level 35 PoE gives you one Etheric Light.
    • Trials of Osiris awards multiple Etheric Light, depending on how well you do. 9 wins 0 losses will get you 2 automatically.
    Exotics & PoE
    • Drops are chance, as always. No prejudice here. The first locked chest opening of each character (the big one in the center) has a guaranteed drop of an exotic. Regardless of level, an exotic SOMETHING will drop. I got Universal Remote (fifth, dismantled for shard to max last exotic weapon lol) and a legendary rifle of some kind.
    • Level 35 has the highest drop chance of Treasure keys in the small material chests. (Update: Patch increased drop rates of keys from all PoE events.)
    • The level 35 version of PoE is always the same boss fight. Skolas. The modifier varies week to week.
    • A group of 33s were the first to beat 35 PoE and it took them 9 hours to do so.
    • Treasure keys are random drops in patrols. They drop from Ether chests that are placed at random during a Wolves event on Venus, Earth, or the Moon. These are not guaranteed, and are farmable. So just farm if you want a bunch of keys. (Update: no longer farmable. The exploit was fixed, though Key drop rates are greatly increased.)
    • The PoE reward chests are NOT on resets so you can open as many as you have keys for.
    • PoE events are composed of 5 rounds. The final two of which are boss rounds.
    • If PoE is confusing, think of it as a raid. Each round is a checkpoint, and all loot drops from the very end instead of each checkpoint.
    • Level 35 PoE has a sixth round, involving Skolas. There are still 2 boss fights, so round 5 & 6 are boss fights, not round 4.
    • Upon completion of final round, you have a limited amount of time to revive teammates. If you don't revive within this window, they will not auto-revive and the still living teammates will be teleported back to the airlock. At this point, you should either wait 4-5 minutes to see if they revive and teleport. Or, you could go ahead and get the chests.
    • Opening the first chest pops the "mission complete" timer and also gives the rewards for each player. Regardless of life/death status, the guaranteed rewards will be given out to each player. Even to those not near a chest.
    • If you don't want to wait, the dead player should not GO TO ORBIT! The team needs to wipe as a whole. This will reset the airlock and everyone will be alive again.
    • This reward section seems to confuse people as to how it works. I hope this helps, I've run across several issues, and the above solved them.
    • Also, should you need someone to join:
      The team needs to wipe, and the joiner needs to be spamming, I mean spamming the crap out of, the join fire team button. You have like a 3 second window to JiP, so spam like hell.
    • Upon completion of final round, you have a limited amount of time to revive teammates. If you don't revive within this window, they will not auto-revive and the still living teammates will be teleported back to the airlock. At this point, you should either wait 4-5 minutes to see if they revive and teleport. Or, you could go ahead and get the chests.
    • Opening the first chest pops the "mission complete" timer and also gives the rewards for each player. Regardless of life/death status, the guaranteed rewards will be given out to each player. Even to those not near a chest.
    • If you don't want to wait, the dead player should not GO TO ORBIT! The team needs to wipe as a whole. This will reset the airlock and everyone will be alive again.

    Endgame PVP content

    I'm aware that until this point, I've not had much to do with PVP and the path you can take to 34 with it. Mainly for one reason: I'm not familiar with it. I've done endgame through PvE only, and rarely ventured into Crucible/Iron Banner/Trials of Osiris.

    Lately, I've been bored with PvE so I started doing stuff in Crucible. This lead to the other two modes, but I'll get to that shortly.

    First off, let me just say that this game mode is probably the most fun with friends. I'll be honest, my KD isn't great. Slightly higher than 1.0 currently, but I rarely venture into PVP content because its so different. Ultimately, there are no important things to "vanilla" Crucible. Get in, do your best, and get out. That's all really. My best piece of advice here, is really pay attention to the maps. This is the best way to learn advantages and other things various maps offer. You learn where Special/Heavy ammo drops, and this is probably the most important thing. Without either ammo type, you won't win much.

    I've tried doing it with just primary ammo, and it isn't fun. Pay attention to spawn points, learn what causes spawn to flip, and learn to realize when and what causes the flips. This is a win/lose thing here, and playing with ransoms makes it worse. Get a regular group together and learn how to communicate. Plan strats to take high ground from the opposing players. Its extremely tempting to just run in and destroy, but Time to Kill (TTK) is too high to attempt this.

    Basically, use Crucible as a practice area. Get better and learn what you're doing wrong. Then fix it.

    Iron Banner
    I've done probably 2 hours worth of Iron Banner. Not much, but I didn't care for PVP as much. Lately I've been getting into it more. So the key difference here is that level advantages are enabled. Meaning, the higher your level, the better you do (in theory). This isn't always true, especially if you are a subpar PVPer. (Subpar being below 1.0 KD). With enough time and practice (see Crucible section above), you can eventually get the hang of it. It may take a while but its worth it.

    So, with IB you earn rep with Iron Banner. The more rep you have, the more gear you can buy. This gear is endgame content, so you'll reach 34 if you are able to purchase all the pieces for your class(es). Make sure you buy the Tempered buff, which grants extra XP towards IB rep. Additionally, buy the class item, shader, and emblem. This will also increase rep gains, though by very little. Various levels grant access to various things, so be sure to level up as much as you can. Otherwise, you may miss out on some stuff.

    You also get daily bounties for Iron Banner, so be sure to do these in addition to playing with all the buffs and items equipped. The most important thing in Iron Banner is winning, so get a team together if you can and just destroy. It's worth it, trust me.

    With the drop of HoW, Iron Banner is easier to level up rank on alt characters. You get about double rep gains until the unleveled character reaches your highest achieved level. It's far more practical to get 3 characters to level 3 than it is one to level five. Based on pure math, you save yourself about 20% time between the characters.

    After playing several consecutive hours, it doesn't take much to actually rank up. 2 wins or a completed bounty will get you to rank one. Its important to note, only wins reflect rep gain. However, for every loss (up to 5) you gain a Medallion. This Medallion acts like a rep holder, and automatically redeems itself after a win. Each win will net you 50 rep (more with all Iron Banner stuff equipped, like shader, emblem, class item) and Medallions net 80% of that rep. So for each loss, you still have potential for 40 rep to be earned. Since your max carry capacity on Medallions is 5, you can earn up to an additional 200 rep if you don't count bonuses.

    Lost 4 matches (earned 4 medallions), you win one. Get rep for the win, plus 80% rep per Medallion. You should have 4, so 40x4=160. Plus the 50 rep for the win. 160+50=210Add in the bonuses of Tempered, and equipped IB items and you should get about 210-230 rep for that one win.

    As far as time, it just depends on your wins. The more losses between wins, the longer it takes. I ran lone wolf for 5 hours to get ~2400 rep but I lost 4 matches regularly. If you get a decent team together, you could do it in probably half the time. Total time spent ranking up to rep 3 was around 7 hours. This includes all 6 bounties for the two days, and probably 20-30 matches a day.

    Rank points needed:
    Rank 1: 100 points
    RANK 2: 1200 points
    Rank 3, 4, 5: 2400 points each

    You get 6 bounties a day. 5 are for 100 points, one is for 200 points. Its usually the same 6 bounties every day.

    Trials of Osiris
    Coming back to update this section, I only played 5 matches in this game mode, so I'm still fairly new. I hope to get some more time in this weekend or next. At which point, I'll evaluate this game mode.

    Check out my guide on starting to solo things when you get more advanced!
    The Taken King
    Destiny: The Taken King has finally released, and the overall game is better for it. I've detailed a few of the minor and major changes that took place in a different thread, so find that if you want an overview of the new stuff. However, like the title says, this is an endgame guide. I'll be doing this a tad bit different, and include a leveling guide for levels 1-40. It's pretty straightforward, but as always, I hope you find it to be helpful. So let us begin!

    Leveling 1-40
    Essentially, you start off at whatever level you ended House of Wolves at. If you were level 34, then you started at level 34. Assuming you were already 34, you can skip the last few pieces of this section and get straight into The Taken King questlines, where you'll be doing all of your leveling.

    Starting an alt:
    If you've already played through the game once, then you should look into using the Spark of Light for an alt character. If you haven't made one yet, this is your chance to catch up a significant amount. I don't recommend this for new players (Y2 from here out) as a lot of the original story is skipped until you go back to play the old missions. Anyhow, lets start!
    (This basically covers both alts and Y2 players, so I won't really get into detail here. It's rather simple, just run the story missions and jump into Crucible every once in a while.)
    To begin, you'll need to start a new character (if you haven't already) and play through the first bit of the story. It's the first mission, and this needs to be completed before you can use your Spark. Otherwise, you'll be missing a few things. So play the first mission then Spark your new character. BAM! Level 25 just like that, and ready to start playing the TTK quests. For now, put those on the backburner. You'll be poorly geared, and have a hard time doing a lot of the content. You should stick to running the old content (yes, the stuff you just skipped) for the XP that it rewards. It won't be much, because you were already "awarded" it for completion when you sparked this new character. During all this, make sure to pick up Bounties! You can passively complete them as you play, and you get a refresher on the original content/lore/gameplay. Once you get through all that, play through both earlier DLCs. The Dark Below and House of Wolves. Again, very easy stuff and not a pain to run through in a couple of hours. (For even faster completion, team up with a Guardian that's already reached level 40. You can run missions much faster, just them tank & gank everything. Simple, fast, and easy XP for your new Guardian.) Once you reach level 34, you should begin by doing the new TTK questline. This starts the new campaign, and rewards significant XP. You should level up every 2 missions, especially if you have bounties that can be done. Once you hit level 40, you're good to go. You should focus on grabbing any and all gear that has a higher ATK/DEF value than your current gear. You should have greens up to level 200 stats, and blues starting above 200 going up to 300 or so.

    Life after 40 (I need to note here, that you should focus on one character first.)
    Boy, that title sounds like a crappy movie title... Anyway, leveling after hitting 40 is still pretty straightforward. The grind is (kind of) back, as you need gear with higher and higher attack/defense values to progress. Once the TTK questline is finished, you should be sitting at or near a 200 Light Level (LL). This is a very low LL, and should be your main focus from here on out. Don't worry about accumulating purples yet, and there's a very good reason why. The way the new RNG loot system works, your current gear level determines the gear level of the decrypted engram/loot drop. Basically, the higher your gear, the better chance you get even higher level gear. This could mean that some blues will drop for you that will be higher value than that of the purple you just equipped. So, shard (or mote/dismantle for new players) that crappy piece of purple and equip the blue.

    But wait, can't I infuse the purple gear with the new blue gear?
    Yes, you can. However, the infuse process doesn't exactly work out to getting 100% upgrade. You end up with somewhere around 80% of the difference between the new gear and old gear getting applied to the purple. This means, you have a higher level blue you just sacrificed, to get an old piece of gear to a few levels below that. You wasted 3 Legendary Marks (and lost 3 as well), a Mote, some weapons parts, and glimmer, to get a slight boost to the old gear's level. Wasting should not be a thing for you right now. Thus, you shard the purple, get the 3 legendary marks it gives you, and move on while using the blue.

    You mean I should use this crappy blue the whole time? Yes, in fact, I do mean that. I'm sitting at 280 LL on my Hunter, wearing blues and sporting blue weapons. However, after reaching 280+ light I stopped worrying about blues. I started grabbing purples, and infusing them in small increments. I was able to reach 297 light simply by decrypting blues and infusing them into my purples. (It took so long lol.) Sitting at 302 now, and I was able to easily run King's Fall on Normal at 297 light. Gear dropped that got me up to 301, and then had an exotic drop that decrypted at 310. (Sweet!) So I'm sitting at 302 light now, after a pretty decent weekend.

    So how do I maximize on this new loot system then? The million dollar question, and I've got the million dollar answer! Simply put, your best bet is to jump straight into the new Strike Playlist. It's all level 36 content, should be easy enough, and you get a lot of engrams to drop that way. Additionally, "streaking" is now term that means you spent more than one game in the playlist. This in turn, rewards you with increased drop rates on legendary engrams, rare engrams, and other things. And from all this, you go to the Cryptarch. Once there, decrypt those engrams one by one. Decrypt one, view it and compare it to the stats of the piece of gear you have equipped. If the attack/defense stat is higher, then you should equip it! Then go to the next item in your decrypt inventory.

    Why do I decrypt one by one? It takes forever! Remember me saying that LL at decrypt determines the chances for higher LL gear to drop? Well, that's where this comes in. It takes longer, yes, but the rewards are so much better in this case. By equipping gear a few LL higher, you'll have a better chance at getting a higher LL decrypt. This goes for all engrams, except Exotic (yellow) engrams. Those all decrypt into 290 LL gear, and should be immediately equipped after decryption.

    All that said, it covers 90% of the leveling grind after hitting level 40.

    One more question, do I dismantle all the under level gear? Absolutely not, at least not after a certain point. Once you start to get to higher levels, (think 270 or higher), you'll need this gear on your alts. Now, I'm mostly speaking about the weapons and ghost shells here, but the blues are good to keep anyway if you wanna drop 24 Marks on infusing your other two characters. In my case, I'm keeping my 270 LL or higher weapons and saving them for later use on my two alts.

    So, above you said to focus on one character for now? Yes, you should. Dividing your time between 3 characters is a waste of time. You eventually stall out on all 3 characters, and just lose interest. For that reason, you should focus on just leveling up your main character (the top choice in your character select screen) or the character that you would like to have as you main. This way, you spend 1/3 the amount of time gearing as you would with 3 characters. Besides, why get the weapons you need twice, when you only have to get it once and then swap them to an alt? By which time, that weapon will be leveled up somewhat and still be highly useful for leveling.

    So, now you've been grinding Strikes. All said, it should've taken you about 3-4 hours to get to LL 240ish. You're now ready to hit the Daily Heroic mission. This rewards 15 Legendary Marks, and some gear, motes, glimmer, etc. You really needn't be farming for Marks just yet, as you'll have plenty of time to do this after hitting the LL of 280+. After the Daily is complete, and it may take a while solo so be prepared, you should go back to the Lvl 36 Strike Playlist and keep grinding strikes. This is literally the only time you should be grinding. And trust me, these new strikes are more fun than ever, with changing mechanics, multiple bosses, and even completely new objectives. It changes from strike to strike, and it's not all that grindy feeling. I recommend doing 3-5 strike streaks then hitting the Cryptarch. You should have 5-15 engrams to decrypt, and doing strikes past a streak of 3 doesn't add to the "streaking" bonus. Plus, you get a temporary break and a chance to chill out at the Tower for a few minutes.

    So the new endgame is grinding?
    Um, no. Grinding is the ROUTE to the endgame, and makes it feel like you actually deserve the better, newer gear. Besides, the endgame doesn't start until you reach 280+ LL...

    So what is the new endgame? Like before, it's a raid with multiple bosses. I watched a few streamers (and the first group, streamed by ProfessorBroman whose group got World First) and the raid is intense. Not in tents, its stressful. I was watching, and was sweating. This raid requires a tightly knit fireteam of six, that can/do communicate extremely well. The mechanics are closer to the VoG, but on steroids. And tough as shit to actually figure out. Additionally, you won't be riding any cheeses or being carried through this (unless you've got 5 experienced people with you). Also, I don't see anyone soloing this. Some parts require up to 4 guardians to start the encounter. [After running the raid on normal finally, I can say that it's a relatively straight forward concept. It's gonna be a pain if you aren't good at platforming, which is a central mechanic in the final two fights. I'll put up a guide at some point.]

    There's also Trials of Osiris, but I'm not 100% sure on that. Seems like it will be eventually, but last I checked the game mode wasn't even up. So it may be a rotation thing, similar to the old Crucible game modes that got rotated every week.

    Then there's running the older raids if you want the experience. Crota can be soloed, and it's ridiculously easy now. VoG Hard Mode is also easy, but the mechanics are still there, requiring multiple people for certain parts...looking at you, Gorgon Maze...

    You didn't mention anything about Xurday... you know, for all the previous hype around Xur on the weekends, he really isn't that big a deal for Y1 players. He has decent stuff, of course, but for the most part? I just need the new exotics, and for that reason I'll buy stuff from him. I've already got 2 helmets for my Warlock, as well as some gauntlets for him. The best thing he really sells is called the 3 of Coins, and that increases your chances for an exotic engram to drop from Ultra enemies (think Strike/Raid bosses, or Named Enemies such as Draksis in the mission Scourge of Winter.) Worth noting as well, he now sells Legacy Engrams, which are engrams that drop Year 1 exotic pieces if you were missing any. (Also, Year 2 engrams/items that drop don't unlock the Y1 versions... But Y1 drops unlock Y2 blueprints, if the piece was brought into Y2.)

    Wait, blueprints? Things you can now use to "rebuy" old/new exotics you may have dismantled for space at some point... Sold in a kiosk. You can only purchase exotics you previously owned (as of the 2.0.0 patch) and they cost 135 (I think) Legendary Marks the first time. The second, third, etc times it will cost 1 Exotic Shard and 2500 Glimmer. These are found in kiosks scattered throughout the Tower, so keep an eye peeled for giant iPads mounted to the walls. Typically near locations you would normally buy a new shader/ship/gear/etc. This is good for getting some initial high level gear on alts. I bought Hawkmoon from Xur, then bought another for my Titan playthrough, so I have some decent level weapons to play around with. Much more efficient than dropping Coins on multiple copies of a gun for your alts, and cheaper too. (Bought Hawkmoon for 17 SC, bought a copy for 1 exotic shard and 2500 glimmer. It isn't infused yet, but its definitely better than my initial weapons upon hitting Lvl 40.)

    You haven't said anything about earning reputation? At this stage in Destiny: The Taken King, reputation really isn't all that useful. Gear drops at or slightly above the LL of your current gear, though the drop rates of Faction-specific items like Shaders, Ships, and Class items have been significantly increased. The only reason I dropped rep into my Dead Orbit rank was to hopefully obtain Revenant (finally). I did, and also received Bittersteel, both extremely coveted shaders prior to 2.0.0/TTK. Ranking up rewards you with some items, 5 Strange Coins, and 5 Motes. Nothing quite so special anymore, partly because they changed the way the rep system works.

    How so? You can pledge to a faction if you choose, meaning no more class items earning rep to one Faction. You earn Vanguard/Crucible rep all the time now, and Faction rep is typically about half of what you earn for Vanguard.

    After reaching LL 290+ on your First character
    Basically, you'll want to take your best weapons from the first character and the best ghost. Level up your second/third character to 40, then equip all the high level weapons and ghost. This should boost you to around 240 LL, give or take. I went from 210 on my Titan to 255 just by equipping these higher light weapons. After about 3 hours of play, I reached 281 LL compared to 15-20 hours on my Hunter. Second and third character are ridiculously easy level, so just be sure to save some higher blues (think 280+ range) for those characters. Obviously, you'll want your better weapons on your main. (My Hunter dropped to 269 LL when I transferred my best items to my Titan. However, my Titan now has 280+ weapons and some lower level armor. I think he sits at around 281 light level without the best weapons I own.)

    If you have any additional questions, let me know. I'll be adding tips, tricks, and other things as I give them attempts. The only thing I have tried at this point is the Nightfall and King's Fall (the raid.) I hope to attempt it within a month or so, once I get a good grip on the mechanics. Until then, enjoy the guide. I can clarify where I need to if you have any issues/questions. Also, any good advice I don't have posted, let me know and I'll add it with credit.
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2015
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  2. Reaper

    Reaper Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Sounds interesting actually - I need to get into Destiny again sometime. Levelling up from scratch is probably going to be difficult, and far different from how people did it before (camping caves). I think that got patched.
  3. Darth_Marques

    Darth_Marques Administrator Staff Member Administrator Premium

    Yeah, that was patched. Though each world seems to have it's own unique spot for looting. There's a particularly easy route you can run on Mars that can yield a high amount of engrams in chests. And Earth has it's own "loot stairs" that was found after the cave was patched.
  4. Reaper

    Reaper Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Remind me again how you get to these planets. Do you go through the campaign world and select a certain campaign to go on, but don't go to the place where the campaign starts and just roam around the world?
  5. Darth_Marques

    Darth_Marques Administrator Staff Member Administrator Premium

    Yeah, you select your destination while in orbit. There's a square button to press that brings up the map with all your destinations to choose from. You choose the world you want, then choose the Story mission, Strike, or Raid you'd like to enter. You can also free roam by selecting the green "Patrol" icon that is some where on the planet.
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  6. Darth_Marques

    Darth_Marques Administrator Staff Member Administrator Premium

    Updated: Added more info on Dailies, added a spoiler containing a colored legend for drops, and added link to my solo guide.

    Be sure to ask any questions you may have!

    Also, I plan on making a group of my own for Xbox One on The100 at some point in time! I'll be doing Sherpa runs for those that need it, and offering general assistance for any bounties you may need.

    Xbox One Sherpa Group
    Last edited: May 10, 2015
  7. Darth_Marques

    Darth_Marques Administrator Staff Member Administrator Premium

    Updated with guide to getting to 34 quickly.

    Trials of Osiris hasn't yet dropped, so I'll update again when it shows Friday. I won't play it until this weekend, and may not get an update in until Monday or later.

    As always, ask questions and throw in your own tips. I'll add where I can.

    Also, I know it needs to be organized. I have stuff everywhere because I was hurrying to write this out. I'll adjust it when I can.
    Last edited: May 21, 2015
  8. Darth_Marques

    Darth_Marques Administrator Staff Member Administrator Premium

    The reward section seems to confuse people as to how it works. I hope this helps, I've run across several issues, and the above solved them.

    Also, should you need someone to join:
    The team needs to wipe, and the joiner needs to be spamming, I mean spamming the crap out of, the join fire team button. You have like a 3 second window to JiP, so spam like hell.
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2015
  9. Darth_Marques

    Darth_Marques Administrator Staff Member Administrator Premium

    Updated with some PVP content. Realized I was missing that key element, but u have more to add to it. Keep an eye on it, I'll it "finished" soon. (At which point, I'll actually organize the whole thread so its not so confusing.)
  10. Reaper

    Reaper Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Stickied :) Excellent guide. Thank you for writing this for the community (and myself for when I get back into Destiny heh)
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  11. Creaky

    Creaky Captain

    Great guide so far, will be a great help.
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  12. Darth_Marques

    Darth_Marques Administrator Staff Member Administrator Premium

    Thank you! The new content is the best, IMO. I've enjoyed so much of it and a lot of it is because Bungie actually listens to the community. If nothing else, its worth it to go back with just one character.

    Thanks! Was hoping to help a little, I'm no guru but I feel I know I decent bit. This is all stuff I've used myself, so hopefully it helps a good bit.
  13. Reaper

    Reaper Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Which is probably the best one?
  14. Darth_Marques

    Darth_Marques Administrator Staff Member Administrator Premium

    Depends on play style honestly. If you like destroying with hand and fist, Titan. Hunter if you want to be useful all the time, plus GREAT solo capabilities. Warlock, I'm not fond of but I do play one for extra materials. Ridiculous ranged melee, and abilities that drop huge explosions. Plus, self rezz once leveled up fully. It really is fun, but I get bored floofing around lol.
  15. Reaper

    Reaper Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Guessing you like being the one at the front pushing and moving around the map, not exactly camping in a spot and defending, I'd assume titan would be most appropriate there?
  16. Darth_Marques

    Darth_Marques Administrator Staff Member Administrator Premium

    Yes. Though you can sit back and defend as a titan too. There isn't so much a best class as a players preference. Mine is hunter honestly. So versatile.
  17. Darth_Marques

    Darth_Marques Administrator Staff Member Administrator Premium

    Titan Defender class:
  18. Darth_Marques

    Darth_Marques Administrator Staff Member Administrator Premium

    Updated some information, added in red. Utilized Spoiler tags to hide the Wall-O-Text I had going on. Almost done with this thread, at least until "The Taken King releases in the late fall or early winter.
  19. PulsarX

    PulsarX Captain

    hey wondering if anyone here is willing to help me on PS4 VOG I am a lvl 27, my PSN is PulsarNovaX
  20. Darth_Marques

    Darth_Marques Administrator Staff Member Administrator Premium

    Try posting on Reddits r/fireteams. Pretty good place for newcomers to raids. You can also join, a LFG site that will auto match you with a group based on playing time, level, age, and console. I'd help, but I'm on XB1. Sorry man.

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