Destiny: Rise of Iron (Everything We Know)

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    While we wait for Rise of Iron to drop in a little over a week, Bungie has been slowly releasing more information about what we'll be seeing in the coming days of Rise of Iron. This pertains to actual gameplay, but also includes class and weapon balance changes. Below is a basic summation of what we know and what it'll look like September 20th.

    Subclass changes

    Vendors and kiosks

    User interface
    New area
    This area is in the Dust Palace zone on Mars, but did not exist prior to this update. It is located behind and under this door in the map.

    Here's a video of where the area is located relative to the Dust Palace zone.

    And here is a video of the location from the side.

    Dormant SIVA Cluster inside that room on Mars / Dust Palace Strike area. Unable to grab the Cluster yet, but can see the location of it.

    Pictures here: ,

    Second one is hard to see from that angle but it's there.

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