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    So yo have no one else online? Tired of Strikes and Crucible? Logically, the next step is soloing. And you can relax, because its actually easier soloing than 3 manning a strike or 6 manning a raid. Difficulty scales per guardian, so keep this in mind.

    I just recently started soloing things, mainly because I got bored. And I'll be listing my biggest mistakes that I made even before ever starting to solo.

    Know the Mechanics

    To begin, you need to know the mechanics of each fight. Know what burns are on, whether Juggler or Lightswitch are on, and the type of shields you'll be facing. If you don't know it, then you need to find out. Any weapon with a burn, regardless of damage level and color, is better than nothing. So even if your lvl 18 shotty with solar has 100 damage less than you're best weapon with no burn? Yes, use it against solar shields and with solar burns. Void is purple, Arc is blue, and Solar is Orange/red. And remember, burns work both ways. If it hurts them more, it'll hurt you more. Additionally, you need to know of good spots you can retreat to, and what sections you can skip completely by sneaking/running through. Know this information, and you have already completed half the event.

    Be Prepared

    Next, you need to be prepared. Have all the needed weapon synths, and then some. If you can't buy synths, remember than some weapons regenerate ammo. A full clip with IceBreaker with yield you a clip and a half ammo capacity if you swap weapons. And especially if you need to use multiple synths at once, keeping a (free) regenerative ammo source is crucial for tight spots.

    With Nightfalls, this is an extremely important step. Nothing worse than having an empty weapon in a boss fight. So check the event before you do anything. If Juggler is on, make sure you have what you need. If you don't use your equipped special often, but use your Primary almost always, then you should swap to a special that you can use often. Juggler doesn't drop ammo for the weapon type you killed the enemy with, but you can still pick it up after you swap back to the low/out of ammo weapon.

    Know your stats! This could fall under knowing the mechanics, but I find this to be better preparation than knowing. Max armor stats can be the hair breadth that saves you from a Minotaur's melee (usually only with Lightswitch active.) Or, if you need to run past or jump a little higher/longer then max agility. Knowing your class and its limitations is the best preparation you can have.

    Take Your Time

    Be patient! Soloing a nightfall is still harder than normal. Mainly because you get one shot. No teammate means no revive. You die, you start over from orbit. So be patient, go slow, and check your corners! All too often, people get halfway through, relax, and jump out. Only to be sniped by a Hobgoblin hiding around a corner. So don't jump out of your spot, creep. This is the only instance that its OK to creep out in Destiny.

    It'll take longer, but I promise you its faster than having to go through every last bit again in a Nightfall.

    When soloing raids, deaths will happen. If something didn't work, try to figure out why. If something works once, it may not work twice. So adapt. Deaths reset you to a checkpoint, so learn from what you did wrong. If you still can't get it, take a break. Go to orbit, watch a YouTube video, then go back. Repetition lulls you into lowering your guard, so try not to do the same tactic over and over.

    Random things:
    Nightfalls will usually take forever to solo, until you realize that the completed play through with no deaths took all of 20 minutes. Death is your biggest enemy!

    Burns, as mentioned before, work both ways. So bring the right burn type to the fight. Otherwise, you're just bringing a knife to a gun fight (bladedancers notwithstanding.)

    Titans: use the proper bubble perk (Armor/Blessing/Weapons of Light) for the fights. If you may need to leave the bubble, use Blessing. If you are escaping ranged damage, use Armor. If you need that extra umph in a fight, then Weapons. And so on.

    Warlocks: Sunsinger is the primary PvE class for you. You can use Voidwalker but I prefer Sunsinger myself. The benefits are best for you, in staying alive and destroying.

    Hunters: Use the appropriate class for the occasion. Need to be quick and sneaky? Bladedancer. Need ranged super abilities and added weapon perks? Gunslinger. There's no right or wrong for this class, but there are benefits to each situation. Or, just use the class you're most comfortable with. What makes or breaks a hunter is the comfort level with the subclass you use. If you aren't comfortable with one, use your comfortable one.

    Pay attention to armor and weapon perks! Most include extra ammo capacity or faster reloading! Know what you need, before you need them. Otherwise, you might as well start over now.

    One last thing: don't think you can solo with a class you barely play. Don't play a warlock but its a 30? Don't try it. You need to know every in and out of your class.

    Not so much a guide, as a general tip place. Don't see one you think is needed? Comment and let me know! I'll add it with credit here. If you would like to see individual event solo guides, let me know as well. I'll post what I can or try to find someone who does know.

    I found a 3D rendering done on Reddit of the Abyss in Crota's End. Shows the usual path, and then shows the recommended path, which is particularly useful for soloing. In groups, you'll run ahead and leave them behind while leaving as many lamps unactivated as possible. Study this map, and know it. You may need it one day.
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    Some good tips there, need to get back in to this with the new DLC.
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    This is all from my experience lol. I've learned a lot. I'll be adding more too, but I need to learn more first.
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    Some stuff I need to add to this, especially with the new swords.

    Soloing old content is easy now. Prison of Elders 35 presents no challenge. I went in solo, and made it to the Skolas fight in 20 minutes with no wipes. In the Skolas fight, the Sword becomes key. It can block the damage from the taint mechanic completely, and allow you to solo the final boss. I didn't finish because I had no key, however I plan on running it solo this week sometime.

    Additionally, soloing Crotas raid is a quick task. Good way to farm for glimmer or shards, so keep that in mind. Just run it 3 times each week, and it'll be easy. Managed to do my run in 30 minutes, but I had to relearn the sword because I completely forgot how to sword...

    I'll do a detailed update this weekend, after I get around to actually soloing it all.

    As a bonus, I'll add some of my tips for soloing new content, especially the new Taken War quests that are pleasantly hard.

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