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Discussion in 'Destiny' started by Reaper, Apr 26, 2015.

  1. Reaper

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    I used to play Destiny on my other PSN account but I haven't played for months. I know lots of people play it every so often and it's still quite a big game. Anyone here play it? I still have the game on my Playstation hard drive but I'm not sure whether it's worth revisiting, it would be from scratch which is why I didn't just log in and play it a bit. Ranking up was a lot easier then but apparently it's harder now since they fixed a lot of the ways people ranked up.
  2. Darth_Marques

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    The problem with Destiny:

    The extra rewards, such as exotic drops from endgame material, were bonuses. They are for fun, and a possible reward for playing the game. The beauty of RNG, randomness, is that it's not partial to a player. Everyone complains about "the grind" when really it's just playing with other people online. The exotics have become to end goal of everything in Destiny, not the social experiences. If you can view the social experience as the game, and not "the grind" then it's worth picking it back up. But if you get caught up trying to obtain random drops that happen, yeah, randomly... Well, you're better off deleting the game and finding something else.
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    Yes, personally really enjoy playing it although I havent been lately. Waiting for the new DLC to be released.
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    Now is honestly the best time to be racking up Ascendant/Radiant materials, motes, strange coins, etc. The Speaker will sell materials for a 1:1 ratio, plus 50 glimmer. So 1 Ascendant Shard + 50 glimmer = 1 Radiant Shard, or that's how I understood it at least. Also, commendations are going bye-bye. Trade them in for faction rep, though I'm not sure how much rep per commendation. Then there's the Prison of Elders and the new Arena PvP thing to look forward to as well.

    Honestly though, @Reaper The Dark Below content made it "easier" so to speak. You could technically buy gear to get you to level 31 from a vendor (assuming you had the appropriate faction rep and sufficient marks) without having to do much. Previously, rep grinding was terrible (super high rep points required to earn after level 2) and drops usually didn't net you anything useful. Honestly, I spent about 2 months at level 21 on my hunter because I couldn't find any gear, buy gear, or otherwise. Finally got enough gear to run the vault a couple of times and finally got over level 28 to do Nightfalls. From there, the rep bonus is nice and leveling factions was super easy. But that initial grind was the worst. Post-TBD, my titan and warlock I got up to level 31 and 28 respectively within a couple of weeks.
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    It's a game I have always wanted to play but never actually touched until now. Feel like it would be hard for me to get involved with it from fresh now though? What do others think?
  6. Darth_Marques

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    Generally, its intimidating, yes. Getting to level 20 is the easiest part. The "grind" to a higher level is somewhat hard, though its waaaaaayyyy easier than it was before The Dark Below dropped. Just run strikes, or Crucible if you prefer PvP, and build up your rep with bounties. You need to be level 2 with a faction to buy gear. I made an endgame guide for those wanting to drop in and get up to level quickly. I need to update it, but if you have any questions feel free to ask. I'll get around to updating sometime today.
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