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    I probably dropped a couple hundred hours into this zombie survival game and left unscathed. The running mechanics are pretty great, and don't leave a whole lot to desire.

    Free-running is the main method of traversing the area you're in. Climb building, radio towers, and rock walls while running (or fighting) hordes of zombies. It's an open world game, with tons of melee weapons and a decent selection of shooting/ballistic weapons. All of which increased one of 3 skill trees. Agility (Free-running and grappling), Survival (health and stat use), and Power (combat!) would all level up as you progressed through the game. Getting your survival rank to 24+ opened up an entirely new mechanic to players, in the former of a fancy grappling hook. F*ck yes.

    This game launched last year, and it was a fantastic game to play. It supported multi-player instances, so you could slay zombies with friends or with complete strangers. So why am I bringing it up now?

    To be fair, this game was fantastic to begin with. And with some recent DLC additions, The Bozak Horde and The Following, its been made even better. I haven't played either yet, but I'll be throwing down some time into those additions this weekend.

    The main reason I'm making this post, the DLC has added some unique content to the game. Not unique as in its never been done before, but unique as in it wasn't previously in this game. An underwater level was added, and while swimming was already possible, no content was tailored to just swimming. Some new zones, or cities actually, were also added. The newest zone was so large that an actual vehicle was required to navigate around. Not because it was too much free running, but because there are areas between various locations that have nothing to hop, skip, dive, climb, or run over.

    This weekend I'll be making my way back into the world of Dying Light to see what new changes have been added and experience them for myself. I'll update this thread as well, to give a perspective on what exactly it's like to play the new content.

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