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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Darth_Marques, Jun 16, 2015.

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    So Microsoft has decided to give back to the gamers and is releasing an update to play older games from the 360 and Xbox original.

    The list so far contains about 20 games, but by the time it releases could be 100 games and growing. Mass Effect and a few others are currently on the list, and its based off of what games you've owned in the past.

    Cortana, Microsoft's Siri competitor but in more than a phone/laptop, is getting added to the Xbox One this fall. This update includes a better, faster dashboard that isn't just for gamers. Apparently features other things on the home screen, opposed to gaming deals and advertisements.


    PlayStation Vue will allow you to pay for individual channels instead of packages.

    Final Fantasy VII is getting a remake for the PS4.

    I'll try to keep this thread updated as I read more into it and as E3 progresses.
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  2. Know Your Role

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    Don't really understand why backwards compatibility is such an important thing anyway, if there is an old gen game I want to play then I will play it on my old gen console which I had before I bought the new gen.

    I guess it's convenient to have backwards compatibility but I like having old consoles and games with my setup but that's just me :)
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    It's a big deal because they didn't offer it initially. And it was expected to be offered, like the 360 offered compatibility for the Xbox original. They literally got a standing ovation for shit that already exists elsewhere in the gaming industry, AKA PC gaming.

    Just goes to show the kind of people that dictate what is releasing.

    On a positive note, backwards compatibility is useful for those that traded in rather than buy flat out. No one I know, save a single friend still living with his parents, still owns last gen equipment. One of those "bite the bullet" moments and turned out to be not biting the bullet some months down the road.
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    anyone know why valve didn't go to E3 this year?
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    I was so hyped for Kingdom Hearts 3 and Nintendo with Star Fox Zero.
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    They've already revealed their newest stuff, with a release date in the fall. It's mostly Steam Machine and other paraphernalia, not much in the way of game iirc.
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    metroid i guess?
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