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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Kane, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. Kane

    Kane Lieutenant

    Hi there evreyone. My name is Kane I have been looking for a gaming community to talk about everything gaming.

    For starters my hobbies include gaming...and nowadays that is pretty much it. I used to play guitar and go fishing along with a little bit of technology but not so much anymore. I was going to school for c++ but I switched jobs from being a shift leader at a Taco Bell to now being a mailman and I don't have much daylight to work with six days a week.

    As for gaming habits I have PS3, PS4, a pc, and a wii u and I typically play everyday. I have a pretty deep knowledge of gaming and gaming history along with experience in almost all genres of gaming with the exception of sports titles. As of late I have been disenchanted even sometimes litterally depressed with the way gaming has seemed to be going which is a little sickening to me that my hobby can affect me in that way.

    My hope in joining this community is to talk about all subjects of my favorite passtime since my gradfather put a controll in my hand at 2yrs old. I also hope to make friends and to freshen my view on my favorite passtime.

    Sorry for the wall.
  2. Darth_Marques

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    Welcome to the site! Great to have you aboard. First off, I'd like to welcome you on behalf of all GF.net staff. Second, the more you can put into a post the better. Third, what games do you play? FPS, RPG, MMO, etc.

    A lot of members here are PS4 players. A few X1 players, including me, but I'm doing some advertising when online.

    Any questions related to Destiny, if you play, I can probably answer. I'm a huge fan with some ~500 hours across 2 consoles. Not a lot, but I read a lot of user research on Reddit.
  3. Kane

    Kane Lieutenant

    Well I tend to to lean towards fps and rpg although I play anything that catches my interest really. Lately I have been playing Wind Waker hd. At the moment my PS4 is out of commission but it is on its way back from sony as I type this. Destiny was a great game for me...extremely disapointing but a great game nonetheless. I also play games like GTAV, was an AVID COD player that WAS making the move to competitive before the generation switch messed that up for me. I recently discovered helldivers, enjoyed diablo 3, played the hell outa splatoon, warframe, FFXIV, bravely default, the last of us, minecraft...just sooo. Many. wait for it...games.

    Games I am most looking forward to are Zelda wii u, BO3, FFXV, Kingdom Hearts 3, Fallout 4, bravely seconf, FFVII, and no man's sky. Weird mix but I enjoy em.
  4. Darth_Marques

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    The Taken King expansion drops September 19th, and changes a LOT of the endgame. The fixes are extensive, including a lot of things the community has been asking for since launch.

    High notes:
    Vault space doubled
    Max level raised to 40
    New raid with multiple bosses
    Public event on the Dreadnaught has various levels of enemies
    Collectibles are stored in kiosks with info on how to get them
    Armor and Weapon stat revamp
    New Year 2 weapons and armor
    Leveling is XP based all the way to 40 and Light now serves a different function
    New subclass for each class

    Just to name the ones that stood out for me. If you enjoyed it at release, you should come back lol. Plus, the weapon tuning fixes a lot of OP weapons like shotties and Thorn. Various exotic weapon nerfs and buffs. I'm pumped for it, honestly. If you can't tell, I'm enthusiastic about it. If you're curious, look up some of the videos and trailers on Game Informer's website. Pretty awesome.
  5. Kane

    Kane Lieutenant

    I totally will. I have seen some of the things they are changing and yea I am stoked I am just hoping they make it easier to come back. Sadly last time I jumped into destiny I was really upset by the fact that my exotic weapons were no longer as strong as the exotic weapons bevause the update...that was really upsetting considering how rediculously hard it was to get em and I had been playing aince launch.
  6. Darth_Marques

    Darth_Marques Administrator Staff Member Administrator Premium

    Since HoW dropped, you don't have to relevel old exotics. They stay leveled with perks/etc. However, Taken King is going a step further. Any exotic you've had but deleted can be reobtained at the Tower through a Blueprint Kiosk. A few weapon parts and such, and presto, a new-old exotic. Same for ships, shaders, and emblems.

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