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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Darth_Marques, Jun 9, 2015.

  1. Darth_Marques

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    So far, I've seen a few new things Apple is doing.

    They've added a new music streaming service, Apple Music. And yes, it'll be available on Android. The service is $10 a month.

    Passcode lock screen users will now be able to enter a 6 digit pass code by default. This is coming in the next software update. The 4 digit precursor is still an option, though somewhat hidden.

    Apple has brought native apps to the Apple Watch, and will be available with the next major software update. Get ready for the onslaught of Watch OS apps.

    Healthkit for iOS will keep track of menstrual cycles. (Yay!!!!!????)

    iOS 9 is making the iPad more work friendly, as multitasking is a new feature.

    Apple Pay is getting a service boost with a Square-built card reader for mobile devices.

    Newsstand has been axed, and News has taken its place. Maybe a stock app actually worth using?

    Apple Maps is finally getting Transit Directions.

    Apple HomeKit will allow you to connect to your smarthome over iCloud.

    I haven't seen much touch on the subject of iOS 9 just yet, but I'm keeping an eye out. If I missed anything, be sure to mention it.
  2. Reaper

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    That's a huge step in the right direction. Apple innovated music on mobile devices, and now it's playing catch up. With the iPod and iTunes they've really made music more accessible and single tracks cheaper, but that's not been enough for quite a while now. Not sure why Jobs refused that media streaming services across 'the cloud' wouldn't be possible. Look where it got Apple. Tiny decisions and the lack of innovation in Apple recently has really started ruining their reputation. They did a lot of innovation back then, they thought about it and made something competitors didn't even think of. Now look, Spotify is the leader, I'm stuck trying to remove iTunes from my phone and Mac (who pays $0.99 for tracks now?). There are some other ones here and there. There's also Tidal, which has the potential to become big. It's backed by a lot of popular artists, with the parent company being owned by Jay Z iirc and of course Beyoncé jumped onto the train as well. Not sure about the service itself though, their homepage is a bit annoying. Seems like a free bootstrap template...

    Oh wait...
    <link href="//maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/font-awesome/4.2.0/css/font-awesome.min.css" rel="stylesheet"> [Source] (nothing against bootstrap by the way, use it personally)

    Cutting to the chase... Apple Music may have more competition than they should have needed. They decided to offer the exact same features as Spotify though, with the addition of Beats Radio which didn't really get me hyped up. They're failing to innovate. Their thinking is "We're Apple. If we offer the same service for the same price people are obviously gonna use us over a company that's developed with a larger library of music right now. Let's do it!" Sure, people overpay for Apple, but I don't see people dropping Spotify for Apple Music for the exact same stuff. I would drop a dollar/pound off the price, start thinking like Apple and think of something innovative. I mean, this has to be a late April fools prank. This is the most stupid thing they've came out with for a while. There's no reason for someone to turn to them unless they haven't used a music streaming service yet, even then I'd rather use Spotify, just to give Apple a sign to get their act up.

    [...] Todo this post. Keyboard broke writing this. The thread is cursed lol. I'll make a new post with more thoughts on other options when this is fixed.
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  3. Reaper

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    Good decision, but it's gonna piss off their customers. Their audience is usually people who like simplicity, they don't prioritise security, they don't know how to spell security. Maybe it'll push Touch ID.

    Oh god... This is the feature I've always needed! I've been using the notes and reminders and calendars apps until now. This is genius, hopefully I can track my cycles better now.

    The fact they decided to spend time on that worries me, they have bigger problems... Nothing against people wanting to track menstrual cycles, but this shouldn't be a Healthkit feature, more like a 3rd party app or perhaps a 3rd party integration. Doesn't bother me, but a little bit worrying they think that it should be a priority. I mean I don't even know who'll use that... I don't even track any data on there except the sync with my running apps and watches and some other fitness things.

    Thumbs up there. Looks nice.

    Apple hasn't been having any wow success recently, or much of it anyway. I can give them kudos on support though. My keyboard broke during writing this thread (the backspace won't work), their support is A*. It's better than banking support. That's all I give them though, really. Their support is really premium, it adds up to the price you pay for the product.
  4. Darth_Marques

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    I see some good, but like you I feel a small tingle in my Spidey senses at HealthKit. If they spent time refining menstrual cycle tracking... What didn't they work on? And why even add it, after nearly everyone uses third-party software for fitness tracking? Lately, the Apple business model of "let others fuck it up, and we'll release the perfect response" is completely failing them.

    Music streaming? Pssh. Old news. Spotify has all but perfected it, like Pandora. Though Pandora has a free version with limited skips and ads.

    I mean, I want the Apple that released the iPhone. And the iPod. Not this company by the same name that is afraid to take a few risks.

    Going off-topic somewhat, but Samsung isn't doing anything spectacular. But they're doing something DIFFERENT. The S6 Edge? Nothing to get hyped about, but its DIFFERENT. Its a step towards the unusual, and learning how people use their device. Is it successful? Not really. But who knows what kind of data they've collected just by releasing a "gimmick" phone?

    I'm beating a dead horse, but dammit Apple. Take a risk. You have the funds for it, so just do it.
  5. Reaper

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    They took risks before, went away from what everyone else was doing, look how it played out. If they didn't do it then, now they wouldn't have been able to sell off some aluminium for a couple thousand without any USB ports. Whatever I guess, my guess is Apple Watch is gonna flop back in their faces.
  6. Nova

    Nova Colonel

    ABOUT TIME!!!!
    Now I really need a new iPad, the amount of productiveness I'll be able to do now
  7. Darth_Marques

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    Lol, yeah that's a selling point for iOS 9. iPad has needed that for a loooooong time, its nice to get it. (My wife's sentiment, though I agree with her.)

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