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    I'll be posting the monthly games that are free for Gold XBL users in threads like these. If I've played the game, I'll post a short review and give some insight into the game.

    For July, your choices are:
    Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
    This game was a nice refresher of the AC series, and has some really nice concepts that are introduced. You get your own ship, the Jackdaw, and can go around destroying other ships on the high seas. These ships can be boarded for max loot, or just destroyed for ~50% loot. Loot can be used to upgrade the Jackdaw, or sold for more reales (in-game currency), though a few items are better for upgrading than selling. There are also many customization options for your character and vessel, ranging from cosmetic steering wheel (?) upgrades, to black sails, and so on. If you've played previous titles, you can equip the corresponding outfits of previous characters, such as Altair and Ezio, from AC 1 and 2 respectively.

    The campaign gameplay is particularly nice, and isn't linear at all. If you miss a cutscene, you probably will get lost. A lot happens in cutscenes, and are the defining moment of 90% of the game. Otherwise, the puzzles are great and the fighting is nice and fluid.

    Rating from me: 5/5 stars

    The second choice is a leftover from last month, which was Massive Chalice. I have not downloaded this game, nor played so I don't have much to say about it personally. I have heard it was a decent game however.

    Edit: 500th post for me, so yay!

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