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    Gaming Forums -==-​

    About Us
    Gaming Forums is a forum made by gamers, for gamers. Gaming Forums is here for people to have a chill time, to relax, to make new friends, to game with others and discuss on a variety of other topics. After you come home from a tiring day of work or school you'll want something to relax, lots of people talk to friends, go out, play on their console or PC, and our mission is to bring all of these things together. A community where you can meet gamers, interact with gamers and have a fun time. And hey, not interested in gaming? We have other forums too for a bit of chit chat, and we won't hesitate to make more if that's what people want to do.

    Mission Statement
    Our objective isn't to bring any other forum down, so don't make that out of my statement, but it's a fact that lots of boards start and end very quickly. Sometimes the members make excellent contributions, and one morning you're just trying to find something but you're greeted by a nice "Cannot connect to remote server" message by your browser, and that sucks because either that data was something you needed, or someone you wanted to talk to or whatever the reason is. And that sucks for me too, it happens so many times. We are a board here to stay. We've invested almost two thousand USD into this forum already, and won't hesitate to invest more. We aren't here for profit, if we were we'd probably just buy some normal domain, go ahead and use some free theme and launch, and that setup doesn't say anything about the community, nor how much fun you'll have there, that simply states that the forum may not have the backing to stay around. We have the money to make sure this forum isn't going anywhere, we want to make sure the site is fast, and hence we are optimised at blazing fast speeds and working hard to make sure we continue getting those quick speeds. We want to have a warm community, a community that can have a fun time, because at the end of the day this is all a way to seek entertainment. All the statistics of mine you see, post count and the lot, that's all because I was entertained by content and felt like participating in it, having a nice discussion and so on. We invest more money into R1Soft and a backup server than anything else to make sure your data is always there, and always there for a backup if there are ever any issues, we won't be going down any time soon. Surely we can't expect to make all our investments back soon enough (financially anyway). I've had a few concerns about people getting engaged into the board and the owner closing it down, that won't happen, my personal seal is on that.

    None of our staff team will be standing on the other side of the path acting like they're any bigger than anyone else, including me. We want to be in the action and have fun ourselves, we chose gaming as our topic for that reason :) Please feel free to interact with us, have fun talking to us, and if need be act the same with us as you would anyone else, because quite frankly everyone can express their opinion to anyone else, as long as it's displayed in a mature way, no-threatening and abides by forum rules, and on that topic, we don't want to restrict anyone with a large chunky wall of text, we just want to make sure everyone has a safe and fun time, and acknowledge that we have a variety of different age groups and personalities, we are tweaked to suit everyone.

    We've invested weeks into this, I've had this domain for two months or so now, and we've been wanting to make this for about three or so. That's quite a long time. We don't want to bust out with something half completed. We're here with the full experience we can provide.

    What do we want?
    What's the catch eh? Why are you telling us this? Bragging or something? Nope, I just want to assure you that we are going to stay, and stay in a way that isn't serious. Our boards remain professional, all official, permanent content is written to the best of our ability, professionally and the lot, but that doesn't mean that that's what we want from a forum. We want a chill time, we are loose people ourselves. I'm not here looking for mature people, perfect posts, picture perfect robots, we have enough bot spam for that (two spam threads every minute for the past month of board installation, eventually I got fed up and coded myself some ways to protect against it :p, nothing has gotten through since). We just want the following
    • A nice community
    • Active discussion on a variety of topics
    • A chill community, be yourself, relax, take some time to have a blast, go wild :p
    • Feedback, we'd love to know where we can improve and what you think about us

    What can we offer you?
    • Friendly, fun atmosphere
    • Fun, involved staff team
    • A beautiful theme
    • Security and reliability
    • Every single one of our awards are achievable awards
    • Custom modules i.e Marketplace system
    • A growing community

    Why Us
    A thing I get told a lot is "gaming is a terrible niche", "saturated market". I really hate it when people call my idea a niche or a market. I'm not here to profit a great deal, and I don't consider that. I've made a couple of gaming suggestion threads here, some of which have been implemented and others died in the wave of suggestions, I really love gaming, I love discussing gaming just as much and honestly I think there are improvements that can be made as to how it sums up, and that's what I'd like to do here, an easy way to discuss games, organised and the lot but the main priority is simply fun.

    We've been in planning for months, had the domain for two months. We've waited until we are sure the backend is secure enough, until we have a safe environment and are able to offer you our very best. We've started a short while ago and already got a growing community.

    Our promise. We will not sell this forum. We will not give up. We will not sell our board to be merged. We will not employ new leadership teams, staff or so on for money. We will never be crazy money oriented. You will not find your efforts wasted.

    Gaming Forums -==-​
  2. Reaper

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    Hey, welcome to GamingForums.

    Well, I plan to make this a professional board. I see a lot of new boards, they don't really take a formal or unique approach to forums, and let's be honest, you'll always be copying because at the end of the day this is a bulletin board. What I want to make this forum is a bulletin board, where people can discuss things regarding gaming and have a blast. Every rule enforced will be enforced due to site policies, never because I dislike someone or so, I think that's the best way to ensure that everything is fair. I want to be in the mist of all of the gaming action, never the one outside that needs the attention, and my aim is to deliver what is written all around the site, a gaming forum.

    Obviously we'll have additional features, such as a marketplace and stuff like that, I think that always works nicely. I also threw in awards because, well, I think they're rewarding. They'll always be hard to get. And finally, to close off, this will never ever be a forum oriented towards making me money. I'd rather make a loss and see a nice board where people discuss about gaming, effort put in from our end (forum team) and the lot than see my pockets filled, inactive forum and a rainbow of userbars and username colours. For some that might be boring, especially people with money, but there are already boards with all of those features, such as the one you came from, but at the end of the day most discussion there is gaming and marketplace. Anyhow, it'll be fun for those who are real gamers, looking for help, looking to discuss. I'll start off some conversation myself.

    * The idea if rainbows should not suggest we will never have groups, likely a clan system to come at one point.
  3. Alex

    Alex Lieutenant

    This is the type of welcoming thread I love seeing when a new community gets rolling!

    I can't express how happy I am to see someone so dedicated and invested in a community that is just getting going. A lot of people these days throw up forums, suck as much money as they can out of them and toss them somewhere else leaving its members behind. Owning a forum is about wanting to start a community about a topic you're passionate about that other people can be a part of, not money or anything else. I'm excited to see how Gaming Forums grows and you can count on me being here trying to make some solid contributions.

    Let's go!
  4. God

    God Lieutenant

    Sounds good man! It looks like you are doing this for the right reasons.
  5. Ice King

    Ice King Lieutenant

    Very Nice Welcoming Thread.

    I hope this Community will get as big as others.
  6. Ice King

    Ice King Lieutenant

    Welcome to

    Make sure you Read the Following:

    If you need any Help or Support Please post a Topic Here.
  7. Frank

    Frank Lieutenant

    This is the kind of forum i was looking for. Nice Thread :)
  8. Lean

    Lean Lieutenant

    Clean welcoming Forum, @Robust
    I cant wait for this Forum to get big.
  9. God

    God Lieutenant

    60% is fast becoming my go to forum even though it is not as active as the others. Robust is definitely a great admin! :)
  10. Aviate

    Aviate Lieutenant

    Damn @Robust I remember playing Minecraft with you or something like that. lmao
  11. Phormick

    Phormick Lieutenant

    For once I've found a forum that I actually want to be a part of, that's new. Thanks for creating this.
  12. Doxicity

    Doxicity Lieutenant

    I think that this community can thrive greatly. You have a very good domain, and an amazing looking website.
  13. Jacob

    Jacob Captain

    And me too. :) I don't like it when people try to act bigger and better just because they have a shiny badge (or in this case, a blue one :ninja:).

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