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    Hey guys i am a twitch stream and i thought i would let you all know and how to win. Here is my link first of all, there you go, put that in and it will take you there. Now also to be entered in the giveaway you have to follow the channel and that is it. If you want more details come check out the stream when i am on and you can ask any and all questions. Now my streaming times are 2-5 and 7 or 8-10 or 11 central time, also if you want my twitter to know when i am on just go here thats it thank to all who follow and good luck in the giveaway. More info about the giveaway on stream, type in !giveaway in chat and there you go.
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    It'd be helpful to include a description of what you're giving away. Also, the time zone that you stream from as those could be vastly different for others. We have members from all over.

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