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    Hows it going my fellow gamers!

    Where to start. I love gaming, cars, movies, TV shows, YouTube, Anime, comics, working out and enjoying the outdoors. I'm a huge tech geek as well. I live in the Chicago area. I can go crazy talking in depth about most of the stuff that I love. Me and my cousin tend to go crazy talking about movies and TV shows.

    So enough about that part lets talk about gaming. I honestly do not even know where to start. I would say my first gaming console that I got was back in 1994 it was the Sega Genesis and the game was Sonic of course. A little after that I got a Nintendo as well. It's tough to say what my favorite console of all time would be. I've enjoyed a great amount of games on the Playstation the first one of course also the Sega Dreamcast and Nintendo 64. To pick between those three would be extremely difficult. I currently have a PS2, PS3, PSP, Nintendo 2DS, Nintendo Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and of course I game on the PC as well. Looking forward on also picking up a PS4 at some point. Some of my favorite games old and current would be but not limited to Zelda Ocarina of Time, Parasite Eve, Resident Evil (haven't beaten 5 yet and still have to play 6), Shenmue, Street Fighter (All of them), Final Fantasy 7 and 10, Last of Us, All the recent Batman games (already beat Arkham Knight within the two days after release), Telltales the Walking Dead (Still have to play Season Two), and World of Warcraft.

    Currently I am playing Darksiders the first one and then I'll be going on to the second one. Of course World of Warcraft since that's never ending but I did take a break recently from it. I have a huge que of games to play that are in my possession already. Really looking forward to playing from that que Ni No Kuni, Resident Evil 5 and 6, Telltales The Walking Dead Season 2, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, all the Dead Space games, and all the Metro games.

    Recent games that I have beaten are Sunset Overdrive (lots of fun), Batman Arkham Knight (Absolutely love it), Watch Dogs (it was good not as good as I was anticipating).

    Games that I absolutely can not wait for are Final Fantasy 15 and of course the FF7 remake! Some games that I'm looking to buy at some point are Final Fantasy Type-0, and Dying Light.

    Finally, my love of games has lead me down the path to development. My cousin and I own a company and we released a puzzle platformer in 2011 and now we are trying to get it Greenlit on Steam. If you have Steam and want to check it out here is the link.


    And that's it about me. Sorry for the long read but like I said in the beginning I can get carried away with going in depth. It will be great getting to know you all.
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  2. Know Your Role

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    Welcome to the forum, great to have such an enthusiastic gamer here :)

    Also good luck with gShift, looks like a great concept.
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  3. Reaper

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    Hey! Welcome to Gaming Forums! :)

    You got some good choice for games haha. Nice game development company too, gShift seems like a nice concept. People seemed to like it too in the comments. What's Greenlit about?
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  4. Darth_Marques

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    Nice! And welcome! Dying Light is a must play, but make sure you hit all the extra content first! I'm on my 2nd playthrough on New Game+ (basically a hard mode of the game after completion.) Its probably the best free run game currently on X1, as you need to actually look at where you're climbing.
  5. Reaper

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    @Darth_Marques I've been hearing a lot about Dying Light. If you've played it, what is it even about?
  6. Darth_Marques

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    Basically, you get sent to this small city where some...frowned upon... Experiments are taking place. Well, these experiments got loose, and turned everyone into zombies. You're sent in (some kind of special forces thing) to investigate the location and identity of a missing agent. The agent also has confidential "research" data that you are tasked at the highest priority.

    Anyway, on the way in, the helicopter that flies you in crashes in the city. Only you survive, etc, and in the process get bitten by a zombie. At this point, some survivors show up and save you as you lose consciousness. Fades to black, and you wake up in an apartment complex that's been turned into a fortress. The survivors that rescued you saved you from turning with the little bit of medication they have on hand.

    At this point, I'm stopping. There are a bunch of spoilers ahead, and I'm not out to ruin the game for anyone. There are some high points I need to hit though.

    Every survivor in the city is infected. The only thing preventing them from turning is the medication that the organization you work for is air dropping in.

    The starting area is only the first half of the story. The second half is more challenging, but rather short.

    The free run mechanics of this game are great. It isn't like Assassins Creed, where you can just run at wall and instantly climb it. These skills (called Agility skills) need to be leveled up through gameplay. The higher the level, the faster you run and climb.

    Finally, co-op is really fun. There are more missions for you to do and you can free roam with friends and just kill stuff.
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  7. Reaper

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    Sounds interesting actually. The last zombie type of game I played was The Last of Us, I hate the zombie parts of any game, hell I hate zombie games, but TLOU was definitely the best game I've ever played in terms of campaign, or at least up there.
  8. Fullthrottle

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    Greenlight is Steams way of letting the community vote on what Indie game will be in their Steam Store. And as of officially of last month we did get Greenlit! Thanks all for the great comments on the game much appreciated.
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  9. Darth_Marques

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    Congrats! Your game looked great, I may pick it up if I can ever get off of doing all the Destiny stuff I need to do.
  10. Reaper

    Reaper Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Congrats! That's a big milestone.

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