Hello. I'm looking for some keyboard purchasing suggestions.

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  1. {set_val(MAX_CHAR) <= 25}

    {set_val(MAX_CHAR) <= 25} Lieutenant

    There's a LOT of keyboards out there, and sadly the manufacturers don't list ALL the specific details about their products.

    Does anyone know of a keyboard that stores macro scripts on the keyboard itself? (onboard memory) I want to be able to plug in my keyboard into any system and run macro scripts without having to install any software. It would be nice if there was one like that with (per key) RGB lighting so I could have my macro script keys lit up in specific colors. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'm not opposed to building my own if anyone has any ideas on that.
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  3. {set_val(MAX_CHAR) <= 25}

    {set_val(MAX_CHAR) <= 25} Lieutenant

    That's a good conversation there.
    I stumbled across the Tesoro Excalibur Spectrum, which looks like it might be what I'm looking for, but I'm still trying to find more options to compare, so I can find the best one for me and my needs.
    I'm hoping that someone with extensive knowledge on the subject can point me in the right direction and make some specific suggestions.

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