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    Twisted Here, Yes I Am new To the whole gaming threads but I am here for one reason, I am A current YouTuber with a big struggle. Me and a few friends have created a gaming channel but we are not getting feedback for anything that we do and the channel is hurting bad. I have dedicated a lot of my time and money to the channel and all I ask of you is to check it out if you like it subscribe if not please spread the channel out there in world where ever you may be, We plan to do charity live streams but it is hard to do so with a small channel like ours. If you have any request post them in my discussion box on my channel or message me on twitter @twistedhacker1.
    Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8ptkkR63RVMlLVVpwm7u9g

    Sincerely TwistedGaming

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