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  1. lalandica

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    Hi, everyone! My name is Laura :)

    I am an Operations Manager for Sephora, study Neuroscience full-time at the University of Cincinnati, and am really excited to be taking my LSATs to apply to Law Schools, shortly.

    My interests include pancakes, coffee, Netflix, reading, doting on whom I believe to be the most majestic and regal Dachshund in all the world, gaming, and brewing my own beer (a new hobby that I have found very rewarding).

    Even though I don't have as much time as I would like to devote to my gaming (it really does help relieve stress), I am very dedicated to making sure I have everything I need just in case some time frees up. I still have my original NES, N64, and original PlayStation consoles, as well as my Gameboy and Gameboy Color. I also have my pink Nintendo DS, a 3DS I got this year for the sole purpose of playing Zelda, my trusty Xbox 360 and PS3, an Xbox One that is currently being repaired AGAIN because the stupid Day One Edition's disc reader has been the bane of my existence, and a PS4 (where I spend most of my time, these days). The irony of it all is that although I have a lot of systems and a huge game library, I have barely played any of the titles due to time constraints. It really is sad; I take a lot of jokes from my family every time I go out and buy a new game "just in case" I get a day to myself.

    I am really looking forward to learning about new titles, exploring new genre-interests, discussing the few games I have played and enjoyed, and meeting new friends through these forums. I am about to start FFVII for the second time
    I quit the first time when Aeris simultaneously broke my heart and sent me into a blind rage after spending so much time leveling her
    once the download finishes, so if anyone has any advice, I would love to hear it!
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    Welcome to the site! Good to have you, and you have a ton of consoles.

    What games are holding your interest when you can play? For science...

    That's unfortunate, but I'm glad I waited 6 months to get a One. Also, why not just go digital? Only discs I use are movies, and most of the time I just stream them anyway. Haven't had any problems with mine though. Plus, I had a brand new 360 when the One came out that my wife would've killed me if I immediately traded in.
  3. lalandica

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    Waiting was definitely a good idea on the One. I wish I had done the same, especially now that it's become backwards compatible. I often curse my lack of self-control, these inconveniences spring up a lot in my life all because I can't just walk away and be patient. As far as the games go, I have a few digital titles but I've always been a sucker for physical copies. I honestly can't even explain why, there's just something about having a tangible copy that makes me happy. I'm really hoping they just send me a new console this time, keeping my fingers crossed over here. When I had a lot of time back in the day, I played a looooot of Warcraft. It was a problem, really, I would blow off people to raid and it was just a dark period of my life... Now, I'm really into the Elder Scrolls titles, Fallout, I started messing around in COD, and I'm getting back into Final Fantasy. I'm mostly into RPGs, MMOs, and action/adventure genres, but only because that's all I've really dabbled in.
  4. Nova

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    Hi there!
    I like having a physical copy too, mostly cause I like to look at the boxes art. And I actually liked the manuals before most companies stopped making them....
  5. lalandica

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    I really liked the manuals, as well. They were helpful and I enjoyed having them as a quick reference in times where I had taken a hiatus from the game and forgot the controls. There have been a few instances where I stopped playing a game for a bit and ended up just restarting the whole game because I would get frustrated trying to figure everything out again and the reasoning behind my stat/ability choices.
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  6. Darth_Marques

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    It's really too bad that manuals include nothing more than controller descriptions and legal stuff, among other things I don't bother reading.

    One thing I miss about going digital though... The box art. Sigh, now I want some physical copies.
  7. Nova

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    I'd need an extra hand to count the amount of times I've done this or given up on a game cause of this.

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