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  1. Ik0n88x

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    What's up everyone? I'm the Xbox One Captain of True Talent (my clan). My name is Justin, but in the gaming community, I go by Ik0n (I got it from a rapper from Jedi Mind Tricks, props if you know what I'm talking about). You'll definitely be seeing me around here a lot more in the coming weeks as this site looks like it's well set up. Anyways, here is a short description of me. :)



    I live in Duanesburg, NY and I'm 26 years old. I've played baseball and football on an organized level for my entire life, but I'm also a lets say.. aspiring.. Web Developer [2 college courses, the rest is self-taught]. My family runs a daycare/foster-care business and our house usually has 20 people in it [minimum].


    Sports, Airsoft, Gaming, Forums, Intellectual Discussion, Working Out [sometimes :)]. I'm a bit of an addict when it comes to forums.. I have multiple forums I've been a part of for over 5 years now.


    I was gaming before I can even remember playing Mario, Sega games, Donkey Kong, etc. [I don't have that great of a memory]. However, the first XBL game I played was Unreal 2: The Awakening and that's what got me into playing games over XBL. To this day, it's still my favorite online game. Just.. nobody plays it anymore. I'm also involved with a great charity organization called Extra Life which is amazing. I'm wearing the shirt in that picture that you get for raising over $250. For those who don't know [and/or want to click the link] it's an organization where you stream a game for 24hrs straight on a given day per year and raise as much money as you can for your local children's hospital.


    My favorite type of games are Sports, Third-Person shooters, First-Person shooters, and Role Playing Games.

    I own an Xbox One, Playstation 4 and [obviously] a PC.

    Games in my library [even though I just sold a lot to get my PS4]:

    Call of Duty 4 [360]
    Grand Theft Auto 5 [360]
    Titanfall [360] My current favorite game
    Spec Ops: The Line [360]
    Sleeping Dogs [360]
    Halo 4 [360]
    Titanfall [ONE]
    NHL '15 [ONE]
    Ryse: Sone of Rome [ONE]
    Halo: MCC [ONE]
    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare [ONE]
    Destiny [PS4]
    Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor [PS4] An AMAZING game IMO
    Dragon Age: Inquisition [PS4]
    Wolfenstein: The New Order [PS4]
    Sniper Elite III [PS4]
    Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition [PS4]
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  2. Jacob

    Jacob Captain

    Wow! This is the best introduction I've seen, I don't even have any questions. :ninja:

    Welcome to GamingForums, Justin. We've (by we, I mean @Robust :p) have recently had an overhaul on the sites design and layout; thanks for the kind words! :)
    Me too. :D
    That's awesome! I really know nothing about that, but I want to learn! ;)

    And one thing, I'm curious as to why your avatar is a +2...could you cure my curiosity?
  3. Ik0n88x

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    Thanks for the warm welcome man! It's actually a "T2" standing for True Talent.. my gaming team.
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  4. Creaky

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    Great intro, welcome :)
  5. Nick

    Nick Lieutenant

    This looks like you've tried too hard at your intro here. In the end, it's just a forum. So try to relax a bit.

    And I heard about that charity event. There were too many streams going on at one time though, so I can't recall seeing you around.
  6. Reaper

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    Honestly I think it's a good amount. An introduction can be a few lines to a few paragraphs, the recommended amount to not seem strange is really up to the forum's topic and the reason you're there. For example for a business forum you'd be writing a lot. You only make an introduction once and you should make it count. It's not meant to be a biography but should be providing information about yourself and your interests. If I had some time around Christmas I'd write about the same amount. Anyway it's a matter of opinion.
  7. Nick

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    Lol sorry. It's just the last thing I want here is some uptight members who write paragraphs on paragraphs. Not saying he's uptight, but I hope you understand that I don't want every member here writing essays on every post. xD

    I guess it is a matter of opinion.
  8. Reaper

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    Oh, I agree each post shouldn't be an essay. The average post here won't even be two lines probably haha.
  9. Sam

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    Finally someone who likes both consoles, instead of being one of those Xbox fan boys. :)
  10. Jacob

    Jacob Captain

    Or Playstation. :p

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