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    A lot of this stuff isn't explained at all by Bungie, so I'll do my best here.

    Armor: This effects how much damage you can take. It doesn't effect shields, so you feel like you die quicker but you don't.

    Recovery: Affects HEALTH regen speed, not how soon it begins to regen. Higher recovery means it refills the left ΒΌ of the bar quicker, but not sooner. Confusing, I know.

    Agility: This only affects your movement speed! Sprint speed is a hidden stat, and the same across all characters except bladedancers who have a perk for faster sprint speed. Aiming down sights and walking is faster, as is jump height and hang time. Again, confusing.

    I'll get into Strength, Intellect, and Discipline later.

    How damage works:
    Alright, so from what I understand...

    Weapon damage is scaled with level. If max level of Nightfall is 32, no matter your weapon damage you'll do level 32 damage WITH WEAPONS if you are 33/34. This is constant and does not change.

    However, ability damage, and melee, does not scale. You'll do more damage with a super at lvl 34 than you will at 32, or even 33. Same with melee. This only for 32+ characters.

    With characters under 32, you get damage reduction. Scenario: 32 nightfall on a level 31 titan.

    You'll get a 33% damage reduction to all damage types. Weapon, ability, melee. You also take more damage, 33%.

    If you were lvl 30 doing the same nightfall, you lose an additional 33%. So you'll do 45% damage and take 166% damage. Scales terribly for Guardians. This also affects Iron Banner, so be careful playing as lower levels.

    I could be wrong on some of this stuff, I'm going solely from memory. I'll do some research and fix it as necessary.

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