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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Darth_Marques, Jun 22, 2015.

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    So you're a new face here and not sure what all info to post for intro thread? Simple!

    Start off with a greeting. It may be a simple thing, but a nice "hello" goes a long way.

    Next, discuss your hobbies. This can be IRL stuff, like running or swimming.

    Then, go into your gaming habits. Such as: consoles played, games played, etc. You don't have to list off every game you own, but should list the ones you play 3+ hrs a week.

    Finally, invite questions. The best way to get involved is starting your own threads. If anyone shows interest in your hobbies, make a thread. Don't be afraid to post a tutorial! We're pretty lenient here at Gaming Forums, so any content you wanna add should be added (unless is goes against our Rules.)

    If you read this, send me a message. I'll be keeping a list of users that actually read this, and will have something for you in the future.
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