How to share Xbox One games

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    For simplicity, this method is a way for you and your friends to share games without a glitch method. This is 100% Microsoft's intent, and will stay that way. So without further ado...

    Things you need:
    2 Xbox Ones
    2 XBL Gold Accounts
    Digital edition of any games you want to share
    One extremely trustworthy friend you trust with access to your account

    First off, you need to sign in on your Xbox at your house. Likewise, the second person needs to be signed in on theirs. Now, sign out of said accounts.

    If you are close enough, sign-in on your friends console while they sign in on yours. (Helpful to be in the same house as each other for inital setup.)

    Next, go to Settings. It should say Sharing or something to that effect in the left hand section. In that menu, will be an option to "Set as home Xbox." What this will do is keep your account signed in on BOTH consoles, but designates your friend's Xbox as your Xbox. Do the same for your friend's account on your Xbox. Each console should be pointed to each others account.

    Now, any game you have bought digitally can be accessed and played by your friend on their Xbox while on their account. This works for you as well, so any games they bought digitally are accessible to you. Thus includes all digital content.
    Example: you buy Destiny Digital Edition, the first Season Pass, and the Collectors edition add-on. Your friend has to download everything you purchased, but his account is granted access based on you purchasing the content.

    This doesn't work for games with physical copies, only digital. Usually, you want to share with someone that has a bunch of games you don't have, as you will actually get more games. (I'm set up with my brother, so between us we have some 12 games or more.)

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