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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Know Your Role, May 25, 2015.

  1. Know Your Role

    Know Your Role Lieutenant

    Hi there :)

    I thought I would make myself a part of this slick looking forum after seeing it on TAZ.

    I'm about to build a custom PC in a couple of months and finally get to experience steam and all its glory so i'm sure I will be posting here frequently as I intend on playing tons of games , full time gaming nerd for a while I think.

    Not great with intro's but I guess you will see me around here. :)
  2. Darth_Marques

    Darth_Marques Administrator Staff Member Administrator Premium

    Welcome! Play any consoles or just PC? I have steam but don't play much. My build isn't even build, so I don't bother playing. I'm hoping I can build one within the year though.
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  3. Creaky

    Creaky Captain

    Welcome aboard :)
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  4. Reaper

    Reaper Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Hey, Know Your Role :)

    Welcome to Gaming Forums. The last custom PC I had is ancient now, it used to play Battlefield 3 like a god, I used to love that game. After that I haven't really had a PC to play games. I'm sure your PC will be a beast though. Hope to see you around the forum.
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  5. Know Your Role

    Know Your Role Lieutenant

    Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome :D

    Yes I do have a bunch of old gen consoles for some nostalgia :) but decided to go with PC gaming now instead of buying a new gen console, I really enjoy playing lots of indie games and steam has plenty of this for me :)

    There are so many fairly recent games I have yet to play though, watchdogs comes to mind as I have heard nothing but good things about this game.

    See you around.

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