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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Frank, Jul 27, 2014.

  1. Frank

    Frank Lieutenant

    Hello, im frankie. Ive been looking for a gaming forum and i guess by the name this is one. Hope to stay and be active. Btw love the theme :)
  2. Aviate

    Aviate Lieutenant

    Hello, I'm a member on HF and FK but I came here from FK

    You may know me as Aviate The God

    thats all
  3. Ice King

    Ice King Lieutenant

    Welcome to www.GamingForums.net

    Make sure you Read the Following:

    If you need any Help or Support Please post a Topic Here.
  4. God

    God Lieutenant

    Welcome to Gaming Forums man. I am the GOD here though jkjk ;)
  5. Lean

    Lean Lieutenant

    Welcome to Forum Frank.
    I absolutely love your profile picture <3
  6. Aviate

    Aviate Lieutenant

    Ahahhahah I guess i'm going to only go by Aviate on here then :p
  7. Aviate

    Aviate Lieutenant

    If you're looking for a gaming forum then I'm sure this site will be goodfor you, Welcome, Frank.
  8. Phormick

    Phormick Lieutenant

    Welcome to Gaming Forums, Aviate!

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