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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Reaper, Jun 11, 2016.

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    As we move forward into creating a Gaming Forums clan division, I would like to create 2 new team groups that will be essential in this process.

    Community Managers
    Community managers will be here to interact with the community and deal with situations primarily on a day to day basis. On Gaming Forums, Administrators solely deal with the running of the site. You can be an administrator and not a moderator. Moderators deal with rule enforcement. Community managers can be moderators, but they do not have to be. They deal with people and situations on a day to day basis and have certain moderator permissions. If you have suggestions within the community or a problem you feel a moderator would be biased towards, or you don't want to say publicly, you can contact a community manager, for example.

    Dispute Team
    The dispute team is nothing identifiable. Members of this team will be unknown. They can be community members, but they do not need to be. The point of this team is that they do not know the staff team, including any administrators, to a personal extent. This team is hand picked usually by myself and all members of the team agree to add someone to the team. If you have a problem with a moderator, community manager or administrator and believe there is abuse, unfairness, etc. that was dealt with wrongly, perhaps because the other staff that you talked to in regards to the problem supported the staff that possibly wronged you, due to their relationship together, the dispute team is who you want to contact via a private form (which, as of posting this, is not available).

    A conclusion reached by the dispute team will always be followed, and usually not questioned unless we believe an objective decision was not reached. If this results in the demotion of staff and a change to a particular moderation action, for example, then that will be carried out. This team has no other ability other than deciding the outcome of situations. They are expected to be mature, objective and rational. It is possible that in a situation where they may know the staff member in question personally, that names will be scrambled and replaced.

    Hopefully this allows a smarter community that can function fairly. I realise that in a clan a lot of problems can happen and users can be afraid to approach staff in concern of them being irrational or unreasonable. This system allows you to convey messages to community managers, and wrong moderator actions to be conveyed to the dispute team.
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    Also keeps admins and primary staff personnel from being overloaded with responsibilities.

    I like it, sounding like a good system to have in place.
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    Yeah, I always find people have problems with fairness everywhere they go, and I can't deny that I'm more likely to be biased to back up the decisions of someone I chose for a position rather than a stranger, so there's that. A dedicated team that doesn't know the staff is most likely to be objective.
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