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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Reaper, Jun 17, 2016.

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    Throughout my earlier announcements I briefed a new system planned for Gaming Forums.

    Gaming Forums will remain a gaming community. We're introducing something new called GF Play to run alongside the community. This is also a community but closer together. This offers things like game servers and a TeamSpeak for communication and gameplay closer than before. We will also be working on newer systems such as a unique CS:GO PUG system, exclusive to GF Play members.

    All Gaming Forums members can play within GF Play. Right now, any guest can join and play, however we intend to limit this to forum registrations eventually. You can be banned permanently from GF Play for additional things, such as cheating to gain a competitive advantage over another play, but this will only ban you from the game servers and certain TS channels - you can still use Gaming Forums and lobby channels as normal. More information to come soon regarding GF Play.

    On another note, Gaming Forums is doing a thing lead by @Darth_Marques to make weekly compilations of your best gaming clips. Did you get a great killstreak? Did you carry your team through a round? Have some funny moments? Hand your clips in and be part of a cool montage. Clips will be credited to you. For more info see:

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    Please note that all information relevant to submitting a clip and getting your video included are addressed in the linked post. For any questions pertaining to the topic, shoot me a message or make a post here.

    Thanks and happy gaming!

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