Is Microsoft building a robot or AI?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Reaper, Sep 10, 2015.

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    You're probably reading the title and laughing, it's a funny idea but it's something I believe is possible, that they attempt to create something of the same lines.

    Recently, Microsoft hit a lot of the news with reports of their nice spying. Yup, every 5-10 minutes every key you press is sent to their servers. When you enable a webcam, ~50kb of information is sent to their servers. If you're using a microphone, data is sent to their servers. Browser information, etc is also sent. There is more too.

    * numbers may not be accurate above. It's off memory. Check articles on this for all the things they get and how often

    So, some people guessed a lot of this information was to improve a user's use of Cortana and other services. They suggested to remove Cortana to disable this.

    Guess what? Microsoft seems to have rolled out an update for Windows 7 and 8 that collects the same data. Luckily with those Windows versions you can refuse updates, but how practical is that? Since when do Windows 7 and 8 have Cortana?

    So it could be to improve Windows 10 experience for all users using data from 7, 8 and 10. Yeah, like they're going to risk bad publicity, all the space on their servers and also note that Windows 10 is a free upgrade just to improve user experience.

    Windows 10 was a free upgrade. The development that went into it clearly isn't paid back like this. Who really believed it was to improve their brand image? It wasn't even that poor.

    Yet, some sort of robot or AI technology would be revolutionary. I mean, it'd clearly pay back all their cost and profit them heavily. Especially if the price point was accessible. And it's not a reach for what we've been seeing recently, we've got robots to clean the house automatically with sensors not to hit furnature. Google Glasses, that new Hololens thing, there are lots of advanced technologies coming out.

    They can use this data to really build an AI that interacts with humans. Perhaps not yet, they'd need to gather a lot of data, but sometime in the future personally I'm expecting an announcement of this. It's the best use for this data, and they haven't even given a reason to all of the famous newspapers that have contacted them for comment so.

    Thoughts or am I nuts?

    Microsoft mentioned back in 2006 that robots were the future, and they would surely take a part in their development and evolution. I seriously think Microsoft has decided that 2015 is the time to start. Before I thought it was a possibility but this is *definitely* something they're doing.
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    For those wanting a summary of my somewhat off-topic wall below, skip to the TL;DR. It's concise, and doesn't branch off like the wall below. [emoji41]

    I find it hard to believe that they actually haven't started yet. As far as either goes, Siri has been around a while and robotics have advanced a LOT in the last few years. I mean, the US military has that dog-like bot being develooed for carrying cargo, munitions, comm equipment, etc... It's even stable on uneven ground, and can freaking RUN.

    All this data collection with Win10, note that its also being added to at least Windows 8/8.1 and I THINK Win7, is probably coincidental. I mean that as, the data collection in Win10 is fishy but its also kind of standard these days. Look at Spotify's latest Privacy Policy update, I mean it's all targeted at providing end users with better content. And being that Cortana is finally up and running, it just makes that easier for MS. It captures your searches, sees what you like while also collecting verbal cues and the like, all towards better understanding the end user.

    Then again, I'm not a conspiracy theorist but this does seem pretty likely at the same time. Not that I have any qualms about it, I actually don't care what info they have on me. I have nothing to hide, except for an occasional torrent or two, that warrants me "censoring" my internet profiles and accounts. I mean, is it scary? Yes, in the wrong hands it could be very bad. However, my secrets are not life ending things like this Ashley Madison hack that happened. I'm not stupid enough to do these things. Change a password, add 2-step authentication, and especially never give out any personal info I would use as a backup security measure. (Not that I do use personal info anyway, my questions are answered with random numbers/letters 90% of the time.)

    I went way off topic above but it all kind of ties in... [emoji16]

    TL;DR I don't really know what to think at this point. It's plausible, and I want to believe it but I'm biased like that. Some things add up, others don't, and that's why I'm either way on this. Until it really happens or is announced, I'll never know or be convinced one way or the other lol.

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