Just me or is Hardline worse than BF4

Discussion in 'Battlefield' started by GTAAddict, May 24, 2015.

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    The game really sucks imo. The graphics, the actions, the spawns... even leaning out of a car... ridiculous... The game isn't even in a logical direction, it's stupid, they're copying gta and call of duty and they're trying to make more obviously. Hardline was meant to be released last year, around one year after the launch of the broken bf4. Battlefield 4 had so many problems and people still buy hardline, and guess what, they made it a terrible game.

    Starting with, the theme just tells you everything you want to know. Cops and robbers.. If you really want to do cops and robbers, at least making it realistic... Battlefield has always been known for being somewhat realistic. Some parts of hardline are trying to convince you of being realistic as to how cops and criminals work, and other parts are a joke. How do criminals have such advanced gear for starters. They should have different gear, not the same stuff, the style isn't US v RU it's cops vs criminals. If they're trying to change the theme at least do it right. Battlefield was always an adult-aimed realistic game. Cops v criminals is very childish, and definitely aimed at cod fans.. Why not focus on the fans the game already has? The ones that have been around for years.

    The mechanics suck, they've went backwards. Battlefield was known for levitation and destruction, there's hardly any in hardline. They've went back on graphics too.. It looks worse than BF4. Suppression is basically gone. Dying around corners is very common now...

    Hardline should have been DLC, a new gamemode and a few new maps, maybe some cars. Sure, the game has some new mechanics, but together we didn't need them. It shouldn't be a £60 game.

    Am I alone on thinking of this? Anyone else agree?
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    Agreed @GTAAddict. Battlefield 4 was quite buggy and bad, but Hardline seems to take it to new heights. The gameplay mechanics are messed up. It's a pretty childish game for what I expected. Driving around in a car on Hotwire is basically the way you level up and unlock things, in the first week people were already rank 100. They really should've went and tried to appeal for their audience they already have. I was hoping EA learnt their lesson from BF4, but I guess not. I always hated EA as a company, but the Battlefield franchise did quite well. I mean all of the Battlefield games did great, and Battlefield 4, while buggy, attracted a lot of the Call of Duty players. This new game is just a complete mess though, they want to enter a market of Call of Duty gamers instead of focusing on their own market. They should leave Call of Duty to make their own games, and for the people that like CQ combat mainly and less realism, and leave Battlefield for realistic, big maps, big tanks, big fighting gameplay. But nope... I would refund my copy any day. Playing Hardline stopped me from touching my console in a while. It was fun for one day, and it got extremely boring after that.
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    Haven't played it but was afraid of this.

    And with DICE doing the Star Wars Battlefront reboot I'm worried. According to a review written recently, its going back to pre-BF4 gameplay and getting away from the latest crap they've put out. We'll see.

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