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    SO I have been playing star citizen a bit and its a fun game. I have a guild on there and some friends with powerful ships would love to see some of my fellow friends here come play Star citizen with me and join my guild . So if you like me and need something to keep you busy come play with us. This game may be early on but it has a ton of backers and is very fun in the pvp or even the pve. The game is being made by Chris Roberts, acclaimed creator of Wing Commander and Freelancer, So if you are like me, and love them games you should play this. We will be a PMC bounty hunter / freelancer guild.
    I got 3 big Destroyer ship the other days 1 for me and 2 for my 2ed and 3rd in command it was a $2500 ship each and will need some more players to help run them in combat later on and helping run one of these best will act as job for our guild you will get paid for helping run these in game. The payment will be in In game money, ship parts or even some low end ships.
    This is the ship I got and what I will be looking to have help on running with the 3 crews. Only 20 were sold.
    As you can see it is one big ship that will take people to help man it, I im to shoot for a top end guild like I ran in eve a long time ago be for the war. I am willing to spend my own cash to get us as a guild things we need as well as my 2ed and 3rd in command so if your willing to show us your worth our time and listen we will help you greatly.
    Use my referral code as it will help you and let me find you in game as it lets me know who used the code with in a few hrs I will see this and send you a invite to our guild, your new home with us awaits at the time of the rest.
    This game is very early on but beta is very very soon with will add a lot of things right now you can learn a ship on how to fly /fight in pve and pvp as well as fly around space for fun finding space station for expeditions and missions.

    I now run the biggest guild in the game come join us.
    Get 5000 UEC credits with new account, use this Referral Code: STAR-RF2H-ZM7Y

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