May 2016 Updates, New Style, New Forum Direction, Node Reorganisation, Market and New Administrator

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    Hey guys,

    I know it's been a while since I've last posted an update on how everything is going over at Gaming Forums. Throughout the year we've seen a few changes and a loss in activity and work from the team and a lack of announcement. Gaming Forums has, in 2016, seen major changes to what we plan to do in the coming future.

    Gaming Forums is a voluntary work project I personally run in my free time. It's a hobby and I definitely enjoy it. As of recent, life and work, amongst other things, have caught up with me and I haven't been able to dedicate as much time to it. We brought on a new administrator but unfortunately things didn't work out and I was left to clean up some scraps. We're back to normal business now so I won't drift around too long on that. I hope this does show that Gaming Forums is a site around to stay - your time posting will not be wasted in the forum suddenly disappearing.

    New Style
    I always found our styles clingy. Our very first style when we used MyBB was absolutely amazing and it's what we've been seeking out for ever since. Unfortunately, we never quite got there. In a style update, the style saw a lot of incompatibilities and I just found it an opportunity to change the style. I whipped up a new style and have worked on it for the past few days, it's now visible to you on the site. The old style has been made inactive. This style is subject to changes but overall it's what we intend to keep for quite a while now.

    Please offer any feedback and bugs in the Suggestions forum, as normal.

    Node Reorganisation
    I've never quite liked how we organised the nodes on here. We had very concise forums with just one gaming forum at one point, and we've also had tons of forums with every game named from Assassin's Creed to Terraria. I didn't like that either, we were just left with tons of nodes with most unused. It just didn't look good.

    I woke up today and found a new way to organise the forums:

    We've put some of the most active games into their own categories, this primarily includes shooters, GTA and FIFA. We also have an "Other Games" forum which includes Minecraft, League of Legends, Destiny, Uncharted and Rust. Any other game discussion can go in the "Other Games" forum. For gaming but not game specific or non-gaming related discussion, feel free to make a post in "The Lounge".

    There's a reason for these specific forums, and it's explained below.

    Gaming Forums will now have an in-built marketplace to offer a place to sell games and gaming related services on the forum. We know things like CS:GO items have been hugely in trade and we will be working on making our marketplace accessible to use. Currently, it is not accessible for use (it can be viewed) but no sales are permitted. Strict marketplace guidelines will follow to ensure Gaming Forums has no liability over marketplace trading. Specific Steam Item forums will also follow. Gaming Forums will attempt to appeal to the mass Steam trading market.

    New Forum Direction
    Gaming Forums has always been prioritised on making a close-knit community rather than just a bunch of members making posts and talking to strangers. Unfortunately, community involvement has been minimal and posting is more like a chore rather than being fun. I've came up with a solution - we intend to make Gaming Forums into a clan-oriented nature. This does not mean Gaming Forums is now a clan, it means it will also be a clan.

    We will have team rosters for various games, a Teamspeak server where we encourage users to communicate and play the games they like most and a closer knit community by clan related discussions, involving everyone in the clan and generally just having fun doing what we all love to do - play games. We will be testing the new clan feature on PC only. PS4/Xbox One players are welcome to join us on Teamspeak and chill with other PS4/Xbox One players but it's harder to have a clan reach on consoles, so we will not officially be advertising and bringing in players from consoles. PC is currently the primary encouraged method of engagement.

    Further clan related forums and discussion will follow.

    Clan members are classed as any individual active on either or both the Teamspeak and the forum. There is no application process.

    New Administrator
    I'd like to take this opportunity to also welcome @Darth_Marques to the administration team here at Gaming Forums. Darth_Marques has been a moderator on this site for a long time. I've tried to find "specialists" at forums but inevitably I've realised I don't want someone that thinks of this as a business opportunity, I want a skilled, trustworthy passionate gamer who is capable of presenting to others his joys in the form of everything we do here on the forum. That being said, I'm glad to announce that I'll be working with Darth_Marques as a partner on this forum and we're both really looking forward to presenting you with further updates on forum operations.

    If you need anything, you can contact either of us and we can both deal with your query appropriately.

    Thanks for sticking through this long post, it's just a lot has happened and will happen to continue Gaming Forums' furthered evolution.

    - The Gaming Forums administration - Reaper and Darth_Marques
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    I also want to state that we want to take advantage of our YouTube channel ( by recording clan gameplay footage on various games and consoles and uploading it. As the community increases, we will schedule events on various consoles and clan members can record the events and we can compile fun clips to upload!

    The rules will also see a revision to loosen up even further and acknowledge the clan. They will be put into simple terms and globalised.
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    As always, if you need anything at all, you can always tag me (place an "@" before my name) when posting, post on my profile, or send me a private message. I will do my best to sort out any problems or issues, or get in touch with @Reaper if the matter requires escalation.

    As far as this goes, I'll get around to being more active with gaming-related posts. I've been a member for a while now, and I'm happy to be of assistance. Many thanks to @Reaper for the chance to do even more around this site, and I hope we can all make the best of it.

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