Mighty No.9 and the failings of the industry.

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Kane, Aug 30, 2015.

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    Taking a look back on the past couple decades of excitement and torture as a video game fan I have realized a major truth. I mostly remember the games I wish I had played rather than the games I actually did play. This lead me to think on the games that no one ever got to play and a true format.

    For my first example lets talk the rock and take a look at Megaman. Since I was a kid I loved Megaman. Particularly Megaman 3 for the NES was my first exposure. I loved the music, gameplay, and level design, although I was too young to realize specifics at the time, it did the trick and left an impression that was not forgotten. Fast forward to ps1 generation I decide to play Megaman Legends. I liked it too although I realize now I probably wouldn't today. Move on up another couple year and I play megaman X8. I loved where the series was going with their 2.5D structure and art direction. Theeeen we get to about now where Capcom has altogether dropped the series and the origional developers have funded a Megaman "spirtual successor" on kickstarted. This is not the only case of this. I have seen the highest rated games of series and the fans screaming for more of that style game and time and time again they are ignored. Now Inafune has gotten a Megaman Legends "spiritual succesor" funded called Red Ash as well.

    There is also a Castlevania one called Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night that was kickstarted and who else would do this other than Koji Igarashi. Yet another game being rebooted under a different name but made by a team who worked on Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

    With these games I understand why they aren't just being made as the next part in the series but I fail to understand why these Capcoms and Konamis would let such popular IPs just die. I understand the last Castlevania isn't THAT old but it isn't the same STYLE of game. It mimicked the God of War style we would expect out of the PS3 era and leaves us a decent game but not of the origional genre we come to expect.

    I also remember several titles throughout my childhood I wished would happen. I remember wishing terribly for a Legend of Dragoon 2. It seemed like a popular enough game during what was the JRPG boom on the PS1 but it never did happen.

    So I guess my questions to you guys are; what games do you feel the developers OR companies ruined or just left behind, what games do you wish could have happened and lastly, what games would you throw money at for a spiritual succesor made by the same team as the origional?
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    Oh man. First to mind is the Star Wars KotOR games. Two very solid games, and then nothing. Just died, with fans of the game and universe screaming for more sequels. Years of this, and suddenly the (little known) sequel is a freaking MMO, or The Old Republic.

    Which, naturally, is pay to play that is scaled similarly to WoW but without the amount of content and diversity of play styles.

    Not to mention killing off the remainder of the Republic Commando and Battlefront games. Which, Battlefront is being rebooted this year, but still. 3 great games just ignored for years with no successor of any sort. I'm still salty about it.

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