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    This guy played for the Sacramento Kings for a while, and was amazing. He eventually left the Kings and went to Miami Heat, and was on the team with Dwayne Wade that won the Heat's 2004(05? Think it was actually summer of 05, can't remember.) Championship.

    Keep a close eye out at the 1:25 mark for his one of a kind elbow pass (yes, that's right, its easy to miss). This guy was amazing, and the group of guys I played high school basketball with followed his team. Not to mention, we owned all the games he was featured in. He inspired us to get creative with the ball, and change things up while playing, much to the coach's dismay lol.

    Anyway, here's the video.

    Like I said, the 1:25 mark is probably my favorite play of his to ever make. Its astounding that he actually did this crap in regulation NBA games, before he started playing streetball (professionally anyway.)

    Missed the elbow pass? Yeah, its hard to see. Here's the slowed down version, with a couple of replays.


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