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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Sam, Mar 27, 2016.

  1. Sam

    Sam Lieutenant

    Long story short I just ordered a bunch of parts for a whole new setup. I've never built a PC before so on Tuesday it will be nerve racking for me despite the many tutorials which are available.


    GTX 980 Ti
    Corsair 750w
    500GB SSD.
  2. Darth_Marques

    Darth_Marques Administrator Staff Member Administrator Premium

    Nice, it's not too bad to assemble your first build. Make sure you get thermal paste (or thermal grease, same thing) if your processor didn't come with it. Most typically come with a TINY tube, enough for one application. Also, when you insert the processor into the mobo, it can sometimes take a good bit of pressure to snap the locking arm in place.

    Don't do this on carpet, or the floor in general. The fibers and any dust/lint can make a rough troubleshoot experience later on.

    If you aren't sure of the next step, or don't quite understand, ask for help.

    Next, take your time and be extra careful. (Especially with the CPU, if you manage to bend the pins somehow... It's no fun trying to fix them.)

    Seeing as to how it's two days after the expected arrival of said parts, let me know how it went!
  3. Sam

    Sam Lieutenant

    Everything went fine. However, when I play games or run a benchmark I get coil whine. At first I thought it's my GPU, but I tried the GPU in my old PC and it works fine. I think my new PSU is fucked or just doesn't like the 980 Ti.
  4. Know Your Role

    Know Your Role Lieutenant

    Nice build, I get coil whine with my GTX 970 and I find it's because of vertical sync under nvidia control panel settings, turn it to adaptive or on and see what happens.
  5. Nova

    Nova Colonel

    I wouldn't be able to build a PC, probably just screw it up.... but all this techtalk makes it seem like you're doing something right :D
  6. Sam

    Sam Lieutenant

    It actually went fine. I took my time and it turned on first time lmao, actually felt good.
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  7. Darth_Marques

    Darth_Marques Administrator Staff Member Administrator Premium

    Definitely could be the PSU not agreeing with it. 980 Ti's sometimes have coil whine out of the box though. You could RMA it, or try adjusting your display settings. I've seen it fixed by enabling V-Sync, reducing/limiting FPS, or even playing a game with a different engine. Who knows lol :D

    The good news is, overclocking it shouldn't make a difference in the loudness.
  8. Sam

    Sam Lieutenant

    It was the PSU after all. Bought a new one and sent this piece of shit back!

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