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    What kind of content is in the Paid membership section? Is there any content that would make it worth buying? Activity is low right now, and haven't seen anyone with a paid membership online yet. Otherwise, I'd have asked them. But if you need content for that section, I'd be more than willing to pass along some info or make some posts. Just need some guidelines on the type of content that needs to be posted. (Keep in mind some of it may be best to leave public, for the sake of keeping the board active, fresh, and perhaps boost activity.) I have no clue where you intend to go with this board, but starting out, Admins need to actively post threads. This was a big problem on my previous board, the admin was there but stopped posting. Activity and interest in the site dropped, before it finally just died altogether because the admin just didn't give a sh*t.

    Anything I can do to help, let me know. I'll help when I can, if I'm able.

    Additionally, is the membership a lifetime deal or a monthly payment? I may have missed where it said this on the upgrade page, but I can't recall seeing it.
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    There isn't really any special threads there. There are two or three premium members as of yet. I wanted to add some nice guides for premium members, like game walkthroughs, but I'm still drafting public content. Some long threads to help gamers with making decisions and general guides (such as GTA Heists or BF Hardline weapons, just to name some, while for premium areas I'd go more for how to go through campaign of x, where the treasures are etc.). It'd be perfect if you had any content you'd like to share, from your own experience something to help others. Initially that's the kind of content I think people would want to see.

    It's a lifetime thing. I'm still working on adding new things for VIP members as well, swamped with stuff though. I got my own to-do list as well :p I need to start working on it and getting to ticking stuff off though.
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    OK. I gotcha. Just had some general questions lol. I'll start drafting some walkthroughs, reviews, easter eggs. In the games I own, I can make a huge contribution. I'll get to worm on a handful and probably mass post them. Aiming for this weekend, but depends on work, etc.
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