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Discussion in 'Destiny' started by Darth_Marques, Jun 16, 2015.

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    I'll be adding as new posts, the upcoming or current patch notes here. No need to respond to these posts, unless you have a question regarding a buff, adjustment, or nerf.

    The Skolas patch just dropped Monday, June 15th.

    The one for Skolas.
    -Ashes to Assets and Quintessence Transfer perks no longer stack and have a 10 second cooldown.
    -Skolas fight no longer has elemental skulls, so no burns. They have been replaced with other modifiers.
    -Skolas health reduced from 25000 to 17000 to account for lack of elemental burns.
    -Adds spawn based on Skolas health, and not a timer. Helpful for longer encounters.

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