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    This is to be my ultimate Power User (PC) thread! I'll post random tidbits of info here, usually with getting the most out of your PC. I'll mainly cover features/programs that are included in Windows, so third-party crap won't be included here. I'll have a title, then a spoiler with the info inside to thread thread size small.


    Settings alarms or alerts/reminders
    Task scheduler does a lot for you, though you probably didn't know this was even a thing. Simply search for it in the start menu/bar and launch it. You'll click "create task" on the right. From there, you setup the name, description and so on. Alert messages, or reminders, can be set to occur once, daily, weekly, monthly and at whatever time you choose.

    WIP right now. Don't have time to get into it as deep as I want, so for now it'll stay this way. I'm coming back though! So check back often!
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