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Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Darth_Marques, Jun 29, 2015.

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    This a fan-made ROM, that runs on your PC. It's an EXE file, that unpacks the ROM and includes its own Launcher.

    It has the usual stuff, like catching, training, etc. What really sets it apart though, are the alternate things you can do.

    I've played an hour of it, and I'm impressed. So far, I've entered a college. Don't what that's all about, but its cool. It's different. There are career options, and more than just collecting Pokemon and badges. Check out the official page for more info, but there's so much content... I'm really at loss of where to start.

    I'll keep updating if you like, and delve deeper into the game. In the hour I played, its better than Nintendo's job has been.

    If anyone else has played this, let me know. The controls are wonky, and can't be adjusted (I think) but I like it regardless.
  2. Nova

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    I'll download it, seems cool!
  3. Darth_Marques

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    Ironically, I haven't played since I made this post. I updated to Windows 10 yesterday, so I'll try and play tonight. See if it still works and plays like it did.
  4. Nova

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    Actually, I just got rid of a virus. I'll wait on the download

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