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Discussion in 'Platforms and Consoles' started by Reaper, Aug 30, 2015.

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    So my PSN, you probably know what it is, has actually been stolen. PSN support sucks. They ask for the serial on the packaging from a Playstation that is over 10 years old, otherwise they can't recover it. Account history shows my IP etc. is all over it, and I have the original information. It's a bit fishy when everything, name, email, password changes in one day, but apparently that's not enough to confirm the identity. I suggested the idea of emailing any of the previous emails, or asking the current account holder to confirm the previous email and if he really owns the account that should be fine, but they refuse that too. So logically I'm thinking this support is retarded or something. The account has hacked and stolen all over it, I have billing receipts from my bank with order numbers directly for this account but they accept nothing. The current holder can't even prove it's his but they still don't care, serial on the box or nothing. I didn't even get an email to verify a change, or even notify me this was changed. I figured it out when I was told the email is not the one on the account, and I couldn't login.

    People have had to go to small claims court against Sony lots of times, their support sucks. I have spent a lot on the account, and I'm pretty sure I know who stole it (someone offering to buy for a large sum and I denied). Any advice on recovering it?
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    Take it to Reddit, r/legaladvice. They usually have good info. Plus, it'll give Sony some unwanted publicity on the gaming front. Far as that goes, I have no other info for you...

    Good luck though, I've heard stories.
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    I'm sorry to hear that. Hopefully everything will become OK.

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