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    We've added Pushover support to our VIP members recently. If you don't know what Pushover is, it allows you to receive notifications on the go, to your Android, iPhone or Desktop. Notifications pop up as normal on Android and iPhone. For desktop, however, notifications work as normal on Mac OS X. For Windows and Linux, you're going to have to keep a browser window open to receive notifications (which basically has no point to it). It's mainly for mobiles and Macs. Read more about Pushover: https://pushover.net/. Downloads: Android, iOS, Desktop.

    If you're a VIP member (https://www.gamingforums.net/account/upgrades) you can associate your Gaming Forums account with Pushover on the External Accounts page. VIP membership costs $9.95 and never expires.

    I think it's a nifty feature to stay up to date with conversation and events going on here.
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    Oh, and if you didn't notice, there are also favicons next to external links now. If you post a link that isn't internal/local (gamingforums.net links), it will show the website's icon next to the link. Examples in the above post.

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