Rate the last TV show episode you watched

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Reaper, Dec 4, 2015.

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    Rate the last TV show (episode) you watched.

    Criminal Minds (7.5/10)
    There's not really any story progression so I can't exactly 'rate' it. It's like CSI, every new episode is a new event with no relation to the previous one. Criminal Minds is basically a unit of the FBI looking into killers every episode. Some parts are realistic, some parts aren't, the word 'unsub' is a bit cringey.
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    Last TV episode I watched... American Greed: The Fugitives.

    It's basically documentaries, about various people stealing money in the name of a business. It's probably 99% Ponzi schemes, the other 1% is other random crap.

    Overall, I'll give it a 7/10. Vaguely interesting, to see how these people came up with the crap they were doing. The Fugitives version of it is about, you guessed it, the ones that disappeared prior to arrests being made.

    If you aren't aware, Ponzi schemes revolve around "investors" that may or may not get their money back. It's typically various methods of getting money from new investors, and paying previous investors off with the new investments coming in. It's a never ending cycle, and it happens quite often.

    Thank you. Seriously, lol, I hate that the term even exists. And I can't stand shows that use that word so freely. Unfortunately, my wife loves those shows. So I get a lot of work done on other projects while she watches that stuff. :D
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    Police don't even use it. Imagine some FBI agent:
    "kay, we got dis unsub here...
    > a what?
    unsub... an unknown suspect"

    LOL :D

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